Affiliate marketing is on the rise online because it is a great way to earn an income even while you sleep. You only need to share certain links from companies offering commission for affiliate marketing and wait for people to click it and make a purchase.

During this unstable economy, it is always good to have side hustles and passive income to cushion your fall should your job be affected. Extra money can also go into building a healthy savings for future big purchases or a vacation overseas when the pandemic is over.

However, for some, this sounds like a lot of effort and there is no guarantee people will purchase from the links you are sharing. As a result, they may not be interested in taking up affiliate marketing at all.

However, there are several reasons why you should consider being an affiliate marketer and here they are below:

Offers passive income

Even if you are earning a good amount of money from your regular job, it’s not bad to have passive income which you can use for emergencies or save it for future investments.

A good passive income is when you don’t need much effort to maintain or to run it to churn out a steady stream of revenue. An offline passive income example will be renting out your extra properties while online example will be renting out your website space to affiliate marketing.

Make sense?

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No customer support needed

Since you are just sharing links of products for sellers to reach out to their consumers, you don’t have to worry about people saying negative comments about the product. It will be the seller who will have to deal with these comments.

However, being said that, you need to make sure the products or services you represent are not from a dubious company or in a dubious nature. The best product to affiliate with is the one you have already used and still happily using it.

It can be done anywhere

Even if you have a regular job, you can pretty much be an affiliate marketer anytime you want. You can do this while working at home or even when you are on a vacation.

Your focus will be mainly in maintaining your website, creating great and attractive content, engaging your audience. Essentially, you will be doing mostly what you are doing right now in blogging except with a sales goal in mind.

Its very cost effective

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to begin being an affiliate marketer. You can even start it without spending money at all because you can find affiliate programs that will help you start up without any fees at all. You even don’t have to buy a product to be one.

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Its very flexible

If you work as an affiliate marketer, you are doing freelance work.

With this said, you can be as flexible as you want with regards to how much work you need to put in it, what products you want to promote and how long do you want them to last. You will also be free to do this on your own and not have someone else do the job for you.

You get rewards

Usually, doing other jobs will get you a fixed salary. In the case of affiliate marketing, you can get rewards and more income if you exert a lot of effort into it and if your skills are top notch that people are checking your content.

SEO works perfectly

You can earn a lot more from affiliate marketing if you are very good with SEO. By using SEO correctly, your website will rank higher when people search for certain keywords. That will in turn, bring in traffic, increase your website exposure and bringing in better income.

If your website is highly ranked, you will likely be approached by bigger companies to join their affiliated program.

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In All Honesty

Can you make a regular income from affiliate marketing? Yes, you can. But is it enough to quit your job? No, it isn’t.

As much as the income may be regular, you need to compete with other websites to keep your ranking high and also to keep increasing your readership. The competition is fierce. However, affiliate marketing is good for those looking for passive income and they have some time to spare.

Find a good affiliate platform that doesn’t require you to pay to get in to start off from there. You can take SEO classes and slowly tweak your website to drive your readership up.


Affiliate marketing may sound like a tough task to do but everything needs to start somewhere. If you try it, you will definitely see where you need to improve on and once you get a hang of it, you will find the rewards perfect for your needs. So, check out how to be an affiliate marketer today and find out how it can help you with your financial goals.

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36 replies on “Why Be an Affiliate Marketer

      1. Welcome. As mentioned earlier, i hv used it at a very basic level. Got commission on 4-5 Amazon products.
        But its very simple. All i hv to do is to share an affiliate link of the product and when someone buys using that link i get a small commission.

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  1. Thank you for another great advice, Kally! Sounds very interesting, but here in Germany the GDPR brought a lot of difficulties, using marketing links on blogs. Its not so in other European countries, but Germany however, has not yet specified this EU directive. Michael

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