IMG_7888Hello, I’m Kally.

Welcome to MiddleMe!

Corporate Background
Having worked in various industries such as education, healthcare, retail, advertising, IT, telecommunications and ecommerce specializing in sales, customer service, project management and operations in both SME and MNC, I have been a manager since 2003 in the various industries, leading different sizes of teams coming from different countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mongolia.

From a solid corporate background, I have successfully migrated to online entrepreneurship. Taking on various projects and assisting start-ups, I have created a strong profile as a writer and a recruiter. I started out freelancing in 2015 and love the freedom that comes with it. Now I am coaching new freelancers to become more successful than I am!

Volunteer Work
Serving my time as a volunteer writer as well as a playgroup representative at Ibu Family Resource Group since 2017, allows me to give back to society. We are a non-profit organisation that runs purely by volunteers for parents with young children.

My Whereabouts
I used to be based in Singapore until I relocated to Shanghai in 2013 due to work commitments and currently, I am happily located in Kuala Lumpur while shuttling my time between Singapore and Malaysia.

I am a Cancerian but I don’t think I am a homely person. A proud mother to 3 beautiful cats and a little girl who inspires me to write everyday and learn every moment.

New Challenge 
I am currently writing a book about freelancing, in hopes that my experience will help others to find their passion and reach their dreams without financial worries. Sign up at my website today to be updated on the completion date!

Wish to know more about me? You are welcome to drop me an email at  or you can network with me at my LinkedIn account:

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy and find it beneficial in here.

Thank you.

332 replies on “About Kally

  1. Dear and Divine Kally ……. I have just gone through some of your posts which are thought provoking and a need for a better understanding the present times and some nice guest posts . love the quotes in between and will like to visit your value for time Blog more often .

    All these wonderful works you are spreading through your blog must be a good time management but just to take a break , come and sip from the Cup of Wisdom on my blog . Following my blog and appreciating its content you inspire me to share more .

    Love all.

    ram H singhal

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