MiddleMe is about you and the 9 hours you spend on your job each day.

More than often, I hear folks lamenting about what they do and their problems at work. I would drop little tips on how they can improve their current situations, nothing much, just my two cents worth. Then I started getting more and more friends, then colleagues approaching me for career advices. Even when I left a company, I still get calls or text from my ex-colleagues seeking a different outlook from theirs. Right up to today, I have ex-colleagues from 4 companies ago still approaching me for career advice. And I’m thinking… Hmm, I must have been doing something right.

I tried googling for a website or a blog that dishes out sound career advices to folks. All I have come across are either very factual statistics articles or blogs written by the Westerners for the Westerners in a Western context. I’m surprise that I could not find something that speaks to a layman like you and me in an Asian society. We are culturally different from the Western context and although everyone has read or heard about advices like “Sky is the limit” or “Be passionate”, it is easier said than done. Everyone is telling us to take the next step but many of us don’t even know what and where is the next step.

I like to help.

MiddleMe is about collaborating all those advices I have given to everyone and hope that it may help you too. Even if you do not have a problem, this website will inspire and enrich you.

MiddleMe is also about helping you to make smart career moves and decisions.

MiddleMe is a platform for sharing. I will be sharing mine and many others experiences and what actions have we taken to get ourselves unstuck in a situation.

Let’s make the 40 hours you spend each week on your desk worth it.

212 replies on “About MiddleMe

  1. Your About Page is fantastic. I really appreciate your article on finding happiness in what you do — workwise, because it is a big part of our lives. Very inspiring. Keep up the good work and best wishes, Kally! 🙂

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  2. You had the audacity to like my comment on visiting anyone who likes, comments a post I make or follows my blog!! Is this a test of my statement…if so….ha 😜

    Love the idea behind this blog Kally…it’s brilliant…and…sadly for you one must simply follow it 🙃

    Thanks for the like or I may have taken far longer to find you 😇

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      1. Tis only courteous to dip out and check who’s been looking…well I think so 🙃 I’m privileged to have met so many awesome bloggers in my short time here too. Actually engaging is brilliant too. I mean…all over the world and we can actually meet up in a place of common interest and be part of a global community….brilliant to meet you too 😊

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  3. Just from reading your AboutMiddleMe blog, I can see why ex-colleagues from four companies ago still stay in touch. You have something important to say and to make sure I remain nearby to read more… I’m now one of your followers. PS… Thank you for liking my comment on Little Mermaid’s “Golden Etiquettes” blog.

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  4. Excellent mantra Kally, like the sentiments. We all spend so much time at work that we should be able to enjoy it. As someone much older than yourself I find the barriers being pout up in trying to change careers ridiculous and yet the press and ministers keep saying that we will all have to have multiple careers. Ugh…HVD❤️

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    1. Keep pushing on and motivate yourself. There are always barriers and obstacles, we all need to take it in our strides and see what we can do to get the most and the best out of difficult situations. I find it really a waste of time and life if one spends so much time on their job that they hate.

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  5. Thank you for noticing my comment and liking it regarding the award nomination. As one who gives advice, please take this little bit from me. It is wise to find out and follow what the Lord has to say to us in His word. That is what my blog is about. Please visit it as you can; it would be my pleasure!


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  6. This blog is great idea…

    I did not realize you did not live in the Westen part of our world, where a re ou in Asia, I know Japaneses people are very different when it comes to their job, much more serious and perfectionist than most Westerners …

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  7. Thanks for liking my comment at Edmark M. Law. I read a few posts on your blog and so far I’m impress by the content and the quality of your writing. Will keep coming back in order to get to know you better. Keep up the good work Kally! -Dominique

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  8. Kally, after reading your blog for quite a while now, only just not stumbled onto this page — I hadn’t realized you were in Malaysia – your advice is sound for just about anywhere 🙂

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  9. Kally,
    Thank you for following our Blog Site. We strive to maintain your interest. We welcome all comments as they are important the continuance of improving writing skills. We are honored that you would follow us.
    You have taken on a big task and you seem to handle it well. Keep up the good works as many will benefit from your content.

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  10. Hey, thanks for sharing. I love the fact there are people like you who want to help the others to get out from their comfort zone and see that besides work, there is LIFE also. I used to be in that zone too, but one day I’ve just told myself to STOP and LIVE. I’ve changed the work first, then I moved, started to travel more and I feel happy now. Maybe it will sound like an advert but there’s a really nice and helpful product that my friends launched – it’s called Boost Camp Bali and it might be the first huge step to change somebody’s life, especially when is stuck in the office. It’s like reloading the pills, session with couches, pure nature, healthy and delicious diet, travelling (it’s happening in Bali as the name suggests), meditation – all those things our bodies and mind need. I’m proud I can be a part of something like that and spread the positivity in the world :-).

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  11. Kally, you have a very intriguing blog here! I have to say, it’s one of a kind. I love the creativity which you have designed and added content to the blog (I love the category “Whisper”), and your writing skills are top-notch. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. 🙂

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  12. Kally, you seem to have done a lot already in your life, and are using this difficult time of Covid, to plan your future.. You seem to me very creative and focused which are two key ingredients to any success:) I wish you the best!

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    1. Thank you so much, Karima for your encouragement and support. I have pursue the corporate part of my life and now I am focusing in creating epic adventures in new chapters of my life.


  13. Hi Kally,
    How are you doing? I hope fine, I’ve been kind of out of the loop lately, my tired old body keeps letting me down. I recently had my novel turned into an audio-book. I will send you a promo code in case you’re interested in listening to it. Audible offers a free book for doing a book review. I know you are a busy person, you always have been and always will be. A self-starter at birth! Stay Well, best wishes. Leland

    Make sure to direct fans and reviewers to or to redeem ACX promo codes and remind them to mention that they received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. Hi Leland, how are you? It has been decades since I last talk to you! I’m doing well here.

      Awesome to hear that your novel is now an audiobook! Congratulations and you’ve done so well for yourself. I’m so proud of you.

      I will never be too busy for you. I will make time to hear your book. However, I tried to redeem the code, it doesn’t allow me to. Is it a one-time code? I will try again in a few hours time. Hopefully, I get to listen to it and leave a wonderful review for you. Yes, I’m biased. 😊


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