About My Book: Freelance Like A SuperMum

To Purchase Freelance Like A SuperMum 

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In this book, I will bring you on my journey into freelancing: how I started, what I did to sustain it and how to grow to have consistent income without worrying if money will ever come in next month. 

You will learn tips and tricks that will help you to kickstart a career that allows you to stay at home, manage your time and put your children a priority. I will share my timetable and day-to-day activities, so you can use those tips and introduce them to your lifestyle. 

You will gain confidence in negotiating rates and deadlines and sealing contracts with big corporations and international clients. I will show you how to manage your time better, be more productive and learn to walk away if the deal sucks. 

You will earn a stable regular income within months to either continue as a freelancer, scale to have your own business or return to the workforce when your kids are older. 

The Goal of Freelance Like A SuperMum

To reach out to a broader audience so that mums will not need to choose between money and motherhood. 

The Reason Behind Freelance Like a SuperMum 

As a mother, I wanted to be at home with my children. I wanted to be there for all their milestones. I want to be a hands-on mum. But I wasn’t ready to give up years of work experience in exchange for a full-time stay-at-home mum. I wanted more out of my life. I wanted to be financially independent. I wanted to be appreciated for my ideas, collaborate in teamwork and watch how my ideas were brought to life while contributing to society. 

So I started out freelancing as a way to utilise my skills. Without much information on hand and finding conflicting information all over the internet, I went into freelancing with bumps and errors. My first thought was, “earning an income at home shouldn’t be this difficult!”

I don’t want to be an e-commerce seller. Other jobs like food delivery or private hire driving will defeat my desire to stay home with my children. So I started researching, joining different freelancing platforms and gaining confidence as my clientele grew.

The result is astonishing! I managed to have regular returning clients that stayed with me for more than 8 years while I homeschooled my daughter successfully for 5 years. 

Along the way, I met many women like me. Some mothers want to continue their careers but still be there for their children. Some mothers want to start working again after many years of unemployment due to being a SAHM. At the same time, others want to be financially empowered to contribute to their household. I have helped many mothers to kickstart their freelancing careers, gain financial independence and continue climbing the professional ladder to enhance their reputation further, while staying at home with their children.

To reach out to more mothers, I have written this book to spread the message, “You don’t have to sacrifice your career for your children. You don’t have to trade quality time with your children in exchange for money. No more mum’s guilt. No more feeling stuck at home.”

To Purchase Freelance Like A SuperMum 

Please go to the Amazon link here: https://a.co/d/1tPnkbc

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If you know anyone who will benefit from my book, whether it is a charity that works with women and mothers or you personally know someone who will need but can’t afford my book, I am delighted to work something out with them. Just drop me an email at kally@middleme.net, and I’ll get back to you.