Affiliate marketing is a growing industry online for people who wish to earn money online. With online businesses reaching out through affiliate marketing, there are many opportunities available for bloggers and other people to earn money passively.

Since there are a lot of affiliate marketing platforms out there that promise big returns, it can be hard to pick the best one from the list. To help you out, here are our recommendations for the best affiliate marketing platforms that you can try out:


AWIN or Affiliate Window is one of the earliest affiliate marketing programs available and still in use today. It currently has 1,600 brands in its roster in various industries and helps users get access to affiliate market links from top brands like HP, Etsy and AliExpress.

To be a member of the platform, users have to pay $5, which will be returned to you if you are accepted. The site has a user-friendly platform where you can select the merchants you want to support and get the links you need. There is also a WordPress plug-in and Google Chrome extension available to make it easier to use.

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Although it is a part of AWIN, ShareASale is another great affiliate network to try out. The site is partnered with 4,000 merchants and some of them can only be accessed through the platform.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, users can easily compare the offers they have and pick the best ones to use. The site also comes with a regular payment cycle so long as you are able to keep up a $50 balance or more.

CJ Affiliate

If there is an affiliate marketing platform that you have to try, it has to be CJ Affiliate. It is considered by many as the largest affiliate platform still active today and many retailers are affiliated with the site. Users can even get different link options to match their needs.

CJ Affiliate even provides users with reporting options where they can study how their affiliate marketing strategy is working and where they need to improve on. Payment wise, they have a regular commission paid out every month.

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For bloggers, VigLink is the best affiliate platform to use. Dynamic links are used in this platform to provide a higher conversion rate for bloggers to use and the platform itself will recommend the right merchants for the blogger to reach out to for their affiliate marketing links.

Affiliates have the option to choose their preferred commission rate and usually this is determined by the merchant. Bloggers can utilise the platform to get links to fit all social media platforms and not have to update links manually since the site does it for them.


Affiliate marketing is here to stay and if you want this to be a stable passive income, you should be in the platform that will help you in every step of the way. With these platforms above, you can definitely be reassured that your passive income will thrive even as the industry grows.

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154 replies on “Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

  1. Good stuff and something more to know can`t hurt anyone :). Personally i`m using 2 affiliate marketing platforms ClickBank and WarriorPlus and i find them really user friendly. Maybe you should check them out. A lot of niches to choose from. I`ll check the ones you provided and give a feedback.

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  2. Hi, Kally It’s Useful Information.
    Thanks For Sharing.
    Besides these all useful program, I m also working with a Program which is very useful now a days for online marketer and high converting as an affiliate marketer.

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  3. This is an amazing list, Kally.

    One thing bloggers who want to make money from affiliate marketing don’t understand is that by a large margin, affiliate marketing play by a different rule for them.

    Here is what I think: if your blog is not or doesn’t function like a sales funnel of some sort, you would be leaving some money on the table.

    I exposed this in one of my articles about affiliate marketing for bloggers.

    If you are a blogger, break the rules a little and stray from the usual article-link approach and try persuasive writing.

    By this, I mean that every blogger who wants to make more affiliate sales should write their articles in a way that would expose the reader’s challenges, assure them that they are not alone and subtly point them to areas in their article that contain links to those “helpful” affiliate products they promote.

    Before now, Kally, I knew nothing about VigLink.

    I guess it is time to check it out.

    This is such a great list.

    Thanks for this.

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  4. Really loved your post and I agree that affiliate marketing is here to stay! I have been in love with the concept since the last few years. The idea of being able to promote other people’s products for commissions is awesome. No overhead, no dealing with customers, etc. Amazing. Great read! Thanks!

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  5. Hi Kally! Great content and recommendations. I love the idea of affiliate marketing because it is a great way to get started gaining revenue online.

    Some more companies that are great for affiliate marketing for others may be the following:
    – Amazon Affiliate Program
    – Fiverr Affiliate Program
    – Webull Affiliate Program
    – Clickbank & More!

    As more ways to marketing continue to pop up I will be checking out your blog for more content like this. Thank you again!

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