What is The Impact Of Covid-19 On Affiliate Marketing

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way businesses move forward with their strategies. Some businesses were forced to close down because of the low demand or turnout from their customers while others had to shift all their strategy online. Even larger companies have been affected by huge losses, especially those industries that are dependent on tourism. 

But for certain industries like affiliate marketing, what did the pandemic change for them? Here are some of the impacts of the pandemic to the industry:

Changes in Physical Goods

The first impact brought by the pandemic to the industry is the shift of focus on physical goods that make the most commissions. The pandemic has caused a rise in the popularity of essential goods, medical supplies, and food, and these products are not the usual focus of affiliate marketers.

On the other hand, some physical goods have gotten a lot more popular, such as video games, smartwatches, and other gadgets, which people can use at home since they are under lockdown.  

Changes in Intangible Goods

When it comes to intangible goods, the demand remains the same, if not, a lot better than pre-pandemic. If you have been promoting intangible goods like e-books, applications, and subscription-based services online, your business is in a better position as customers tend to buy these products more than ever. 

Focus More on Content

There is also a great shift to the search traffic for many industries, but there are exceptions for healthcare, food, media, and pharmaceutics. These four sectors are the most popular industries nowadays because many people are now becoming more engaged in learning about the pandemic and the essential items they should have. 

Experts have also seen a change regarding the type of content that people are looking on. Those affiliate marketers who provide long-term content and have engaging content for new topics will earn more. 

Trends That Must Be Focused On

The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the focus of the content of affiliate marketers, and nowadays, they have to consider some things before producing one. For example, it is now a taboo in the industry to add “COVID” or “coronavirus” in website content, considering that it is still persistent worldwide.

As mentioned earlier, the trends with high potential for affiliates in the next coming months are those related to physical and mental health, online education, communication, remote work and entertainment. 

Changing Demand

In a more positive note, the pandemic has increased the demand for affiliate marketers since most industries are now switching to online. For companies and businesses, affiliate marketers are vital in helping them find ways to promote their products and offers easily without spending too much.


It is hard to say whether things will go back to normal once the pandemic is controlled. Surely, there will be many changes regarding how people will look into affiliate marketing content and the products they will purchase to keep them safe and happy. As an affiliate marketer, whether you are new or old in the industry, you must look into the changing trends and prepare your strategies accordingly. By planning early, you can get ahead of the pack and reap from its benefits. 

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  1. TrulyNature says:

    Great article Kally, thanks

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much and welcome to MiddleMe!

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  2. Thank you for very good thoughts and advices, Kally! I hope you are doing well, and the weather is fine enough having a first BBQ? 😉 I also think only affiliate marketing will bring businesses back to “normal”. Here in Germany we are sadly far away from this. Around 2006 there was a chance, our officials had missed. You can see it very well at the book market. A kind of centralized supervisory authority called the “Börsenverein der Deutsche Buchhandels” did not allow digital books for a very long time with the legal price fixing for books. We now see this in the teaching materials for the school. This is also subject to this system. In addition to controlling ministries, of 16 different federal states. Sounds almost like the former USSR, doesn’t it? Lol
    Best wishes, Michael

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  3. Spot on, Kally 😊


  4. SkillsTo says:

    love your content

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much!

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  5. .Killa. says:

    Hello Kally. Your topics are well put together, read like a charm and have professionalism written all over them haha. I personally found them all to be priceless insights and very inspirational. Keep up the fantastic work and thank you so much for sharing and for looking out for others.

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! I’m happy that you find them inspirational. Appreciate that you took time to let me know.

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      1. .Killa. says:

        You are welcome Kally, it’s the least I could do — Its interactions like these that make this community great.

        Your astute assessments are nothing short of empowering and it has been an honor speaking with you my friend 👍😄


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