Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of us are anticipating the day when the virus will be contained and possibly eliminated so life can return to normal. Many industries took a hit during this pandemic and while there is a slow easing of restrictions, it is not clear what the future all holds for us.

If you are looking for a job, there is a question if you should wait for the pandemic to end before looking for one or find something that will survive even after the pandemic. Now with the vaccination program rolling out in man countries, you wonder if your current job will stay relevant in the post pandemic world.

Here are some jobs that you may want to consider that will flourish even in the post-pandemic world:

Cybersecurity-related jobs

With many companies and businesses moving their activities to online websites and platforms, there is a necessity to find ways to protect their company and client information. As a result of the increasing demand for better security, people with high knowledge and experience with cybersecurity will be a must-have for any company. They will be tasked to prepare the business’s servers to prevent any cyberattack or data leakage, and keep the security stable and upgraded in the future.

Engineering and technology-related jobs

Since there is a concern over human contact and a growing need for automation, engineers and scientists, especially those who can develop artificial intelligence, will also be popular even in the post-pandemic world. These workers will help speed up digitalisation and automation for many industries by improving their AI technology and machine learning, which is now being used for online business platforms and machinery.


E-commerce will also slowly replace going to brick stores and become a new way for people to do their usual shopping. Workers who can do daily inventory check and regularly update the online site will be on high-demand. Of course, for industries like food and hospitality, their employees must be able to serve requests immediately and make everything convenient for clients.

Data scientists

Finally, data scientists will also flourish after the pandemic as they will be able to collect the right data that companies need to predict trends. With a clear idea of the trends online, companies and businesses can adjust their strategies to earn more impressions and clients. Data scientists can also help businesses make key decisions based on the data gathered and analysed.

What You Need to Do Now

To ensue that you are employable at all times – recessions or good times, you need to constantly upgrade your skills to make sure that you stay relevant in the market. This is so much easier to do now with education right at your fingertips. There are plenty of educational websites that offer free courses that you can do at your own pace. If you have a spare evening a week, you can pick up these courses at Cousera, Udemy or eDx.


Once the pandemic is over, life will not go back to the normalcy that we all enjoyed before. There will be jobs that won’t have the same impact than before, while there will be new jobs that will become very popular to everyone. If you are indeed looking for a job that will still be relevant after the pandemic, consider these industries and the jobs attached to them. If you do not have the skills for these jobs, use the free time you have while waiting for a job opening to continuously learn and acquire new knowledge through online training sessions and resources.

Who knows, these might be the types of job you are looking for after all.

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39 replies on “Which Jobs will Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

  1. There will be changes, but I’m skeptical about how broad they will be. None of the positions listed above have been created by the current situation. And there will still be plenty of the old work that still needs to be done. Cleaning, lawn mowing, dog walking, postal deliveries…
    I’ve seen a few of these events now and it seems to me that they mostly turn out to be bumps in the road. Over the course of history they don’t count for much. When the dotcom boom was at its height everyone talked about the ‘new economy’ – a lot of which vanished when the bubble burst.
    Currently there are office towers in Perth that are nearly empty. It’s been suggested that they be adapted and turned into residential buildings. Let’s stop and consider that the average floor in an office building has one, maybe two sets of male and female toilet facilities. Showers, maybe, but in my experience they’re usually in the basement for the cycling and jogging commuters. How much would it cost to add pipes, provide extra pressure, and source the extra water that would turn office towers into desirable residential apartments?
    Thirty years ago there was a very similar situation here in Perth. This was one of the last places that was hit by the recession post 1987, but it hit hard. Property managers reportedly did some insane deals just so new towers wouldn’t be opening completely empty, with no tenants.
    Within a few years, most of those towers were enjoying very healthy occupancy rates.
    I see the covid crisis/cicrus as being another ‘pivotal moment’ which will prove IMHO that the more things change the more they stay the same. And I especially distrust the ‘new world’ theme especially this time, because the governments have not just screwed things up worse in the name of being seen to do something. They’ve intruded into our lives with measures that are increasingly shown to be mostly useless at best and dangerous at worst.
    Rant ends here.

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    1. Big hugs. I can feel your frustrations. I didn’t know that about Perth. Do they need more residential places that they have to turn the office towers into residential apartments? Not sure if it make sense especially if those office towers will be reopen one day. If not this year then next year.

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      1. That’s part of the stupidity of the suggestion, Kally. There has been a boom in apartment construction over the last ten years. The eastern end of the CBD used to be very low-rise – nothing above three storeys. Now theres a mix of high rise towers and low-storey blocks, usually about 4-5 levels.
        There are high rise complexes being built across the inner suburbs too.
        There has been a rise in demand over the last year, but that has more to do with Perth’s isolation during covid. As things settle down (fingers crossed) our remoteness from the rest of the world will be once again seen as a disadvantage, as it usually is.
        Thanks for the hugs!

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  2. Another VERY useful one Kally, THANK You!

    I pretty much agree with Gregoryno6;

    I too see this as another chapter in “AS THE WORLD TURNS”

    BUT your advice to “BE PREPARED” is very prudent. There will be changes; so as Kally suggest, be ready for them. “Waste not; want not”
    This is a great time to invest in yourself. What is, IS! Get over it and move on. You can’t change yesterday, so be prepared and ready to change tomorrow,

    God Be with you,

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  3. In post-pandemic periods kelly ma’am, Saluting you! for hits upon most exclusive threats to this world.Work snatched by hands bombing directly to our traditional systematic ways of survival.

    We even doesn’t think rather than pandemic threats,safeguards measures and unsocial, trapped ignorant citizens those who diprived of underprivileged due to derailed Economy.

    We have certainly facing black days across admiring to change every means of civic society I.e work force should involved in “DIGITAL PLATFORM” , escape from crowd crafting scenario .Ignorance of puppet shows in working hours.Meanwhile promotion to digital marketing , Artificial Intelligence , e-services etc.
    change the old Customs of Working.

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  4. Hi Peng Yu. How have you been?
    Strangely enough, I think this virus will be a great opportunity to change many things. Office space for instance. Cut on your rent, reduce your office space with more home office. Then convert the empty offices into housing in dire shortage in many places.
    Hope all is well with you and your family. Here, we are waiting for the vaccines…

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          1. They’ve started vaccinating 60+ in the capital. By… sector. Friends of ours have already received their first shot. All 60+ have registered in a database. We’re waiting for the announcement of our sector and to get called for an appointment… 🤞

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          2. It is a long time. At worst we haven’t seen our grandkids 2 or 3 months for a period of time. In such a short time they change so much. Well, hopefully you will soon be able to travel again and take your little Princess to see her grandparents…

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  5. For my mind, the important message, such as this one, is that jobs will keep evolving and how best to get a handle on this ongoing change along with evolving skills at the same time. We can do it!!!


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