One of my readers asked if I know anything about affiliate marketing. I do actually although MiddleMe is not an affiliate marketing website, I did a lot of research for my affiliate marketing clients when I was copywriting their websites for them. Along the way, you acquired a few secret tips that clients are willing to tell you.

Successful business owners know that it is not enough to focus on one income source to get their business to grow. They also set up other revenue sources which don’t stray away from their major revenue sources. One of the ways to create passive and lucrative streams is by setting up an affiliate marketing strategy for your business.

But, what exactly is it and how can you get started on it?

Affiliate marketing is a special type of online sale strategy that allows business owners to boost their sales by getting people (affiliates) to recommend products to people who may be interested. The affiliate will be able to earn a commission each time they get other people to purchase the product with the affiliate link they are using.

If you are interested in doing affiliate marketing to get passive income without too much risks, here’s how you can get started:

Find an affiliate program

If you want to get into affiliate marketing, you must take part in an affiliate program where companies will list down the products that can be shared and get the necessary links so that the company can attribute the sales to your account. There are a lot of affiliate programs online that you can join online such as ClickBank, AffiliateNetwork and many others.

But the best bet is to check with your preferred shops directly and ask them if they have an affiliate program available. If they don’t, negotiate how you can build one with them. This is because you are already a loyal customer and you have been using their products. So you will likely to promote their products naturally and effectively since you love using it so much!

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Pick the products you want to promote

After signing up to an affiliate program, you have to make sure that the products you select is something that you like and it is within your niche. It would be quite odd if you promoted beauty products when your site is promoting health and wellness.

You also need to consider where you will post these products because some products may need a specific type of promotion to get the right effect.

Get the affiliate links you want to share

Once you find the products you want to promote, get their affiliate links. The links will serve as the company or affiliate program’s way in detecting if people made the purchase through your links. If they do purchase from your link, you will be given your commissions.

Share the links

There are many ways on how you can share your affiliate links to the products you support and like. You can blog about it, post it on social media or post it on forum sites.

The options you have are endless and it is up to your creative mind to think how you can create these products as a must-buy for your readers.

Get the commissions

You need to wait for the commissions to roll into your account. It is important to remember that these commissions will depend on how well you shared the affiliate link to people and if people will buy it. Some companies also compute commissions differently with a few offering a flat rate.

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Check the fine print of the affiliate program you joined to find out how your commissions are computed. The amount is usually displayed in your affiliate program, which you can withdraw to your bank or online payment site.


Affiliate marketing is not easy to do because it will take some time before you can do it efficiently and get people to make a purchase. But, with some patience and trial and error, you will be able to make affiliate marketing a lucrative passive income generator that will free you a lot of time and funds to help your business stay strong financially.

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26 replies on “What is Affiliate Marketing and How To Get Started

  1. Kally “This IS a GREAT article”

    As a much younger man, when I told dad that I was getting into sales (and later sales management) this is the GREAT advice he shared with me: “Keep in mind that a good deal is where both sides gain something.”

    THAT is precisely what your explaining.

    Ahhh to be young again (NOT!)

    At 76 I have only a few regrets; God has been to loving and Merciful with me.

    Thank you for the contributions you make in offering the possibility of improving others lives. WAY TO GO KALLY!

    God Bless you too,

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