Receiving Money For Your Freelancing Work

It’s heartbreak that a lot of people don’t have jobs or they don’t earn enough to live the life they’re yearning. Some of those people are even intimate to us. That’s why it’s great to know that there is work at home options that jobless or unsatisfied employers can try. Transferring money home isn’t a sweat at all and there are lots of options to do that. One such choice is the website like icomparefx and it’s idiot proof.

Below are some choices, which can help employers and freelance workers who’re into outsourcing. They’re easy to use and there are online tutorials and reviews for easy guidance. Receiving compensation from a home-based job isn’t supposed to be cumbersome. Instead, it should encourage more people to pursue or at least try working at home because it’s more than a fad.


Online Payment Services

This is one of the most convenient alternatives for a person to transfer money internationally as it can be done right from home with a computer or mobile. Many companies find that ach payment processing for small business is incredibly helpful in order to receive and send money. The widely famous around the globe is Paypal for online payments:


Paypal lets you transfer funds to 190 countries. All you need for sending the money is the email and mobile number of the recipient.


  • You just require an email and a phone number to send money
  • No hidden charges
  • Reasonable charges


  • Your funds might freeze if you are sending large sums.
  • Your account might get locked if Paypal notices anything strange.

Some other trustable online payment services are:

  • amazon pay
  • com
  • google wallet

Money Transfer Services

A Money Transfer Operator is a company that specialises in quick money transfers from one location to another. The most widely popular money transfer services are the Western Union and MoneyGram.

Western Union

Western Union is an international service, and has 4000 offices across the globe. Money can be sent to the recipient’s bank account or they can visit a Western Union Branch in their locality to receive the funds


  • You can transfer funds on the same day
  • You do not have to open any account for sending money through the Western Union


  • The charges are higher than Paypal
  • You will have to take special care in keeping the money transfer control number (MCTN) safe from any unwanted person


Similar to the Western Union, this service helps you transfer money to different countries in different currencies.


  • Funds can be transferred very quickly


  • Money transfer might be prone to scam or fraud
  • Expensive than Paypal

Foreign Exchange (FX) Broker

For sending money to a different country FX brokers are also a good option.


  • A cheaper alternative of transferring money
  • Various currencies available
  • You can lock in exchange rates

Peer-2-Peer Currency Exchange Markets

The two major P2P services right now in the market are:


CurrencyFair only supports the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Australians. So, unfortunately, if you are residing in any other country, this P2P service will not be available to you.


  • Best conversion rates for sending money if you can wait a few days


  • You might not avail the best rates if you want an immediate transfer


Transferwise is another P2P money exchange method.


  • Better option than CurrencyFair for instant transfers (better rates)
  • Service available in more countries than CurrencyFair.


  • Higher rates in comparison to Currency Fair for transferring larger sums

With all the pros and cons in mind, you will just have to compare the prevalence rates to find out which money transferring option will be the best for you.

Do you have better methods? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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