Making money is very difficult, especially if you need a stable money-making gig to pay your bills and whatnots. If you have a blog, it can actually be a good way to earn money online. However, not many people know how to do this because of the terminologies involved in it.

No matter what purpose you have for having a blog, it is actually possible to monetise it. While it may take a while to take fruit, you can earn a lot with your blog if it is done right.

Here are some tips & tricks you can do to make money using your blog:

Pick the right niche

It is a given that not all niches can make money. For example, if you talk about chalk, not much people will look into it. Even if you apply the monetary add-ons to monetise it, it still won’t earn money since people are not buying the chalk you are talking about.

Before you go setup your blog, find out which popular items people actually buy. Once you get the list, you can select the ones you think are good.

Picking the right niche is crucial first step. If chosen correctly, you will have a much easier time to market your blog and easier for corporation to be entice to advertise on your website. You need a niche that is unique yet dimensional but not too obscure like the above example that makes your content difficult to attract eyeballs.

Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Now that you have a niche, your blog should focus on content related to this niche. However, there are definitely other blogs out there that will also talk about your content. This reduces the number of people who will take time to read your blog.

To get around this, change the approach on how you write and ensure your content is unique. It must also deliver more content than the others. This part will take some to master but once you develop the right technique, you will be able to catch the attention of your audience better.

Simple and easy-to-follow tips to capture your audience:

  • Regular posts at a regular time
  • Limit your posts (don’t overpost and spam others)
  • Easy on the eyes website theme that is mobile friendly
  • Use simple words and short sentences
  • Use a lot of graphics
  • Talk relevant topics
  • Take note of trends and try to tie your product to the trends
  • Be sincere
  • Always make sure your posts will improve your readers’ lives

Place Paid Ads

Alongside your content, you can also use ads to earn some money. With this method, you simply place ads on your blog and let it work.

There are two types of ads used for monetised blogs:

  • Cost per click or pay per click ads allows you to get paid each time the ad is clicked by a viewer.
  • Cost per impression ads will only pay you a fixed amount of money based on the number of people who checked your ad.

The best way to maximize these ads is by using Google AdSense. With this service, the banners will just be placed on your site and Google will pick the right ads that match your blog’s content and tally up the clicks.

Please note that if you are using, you will need to migrate to to use banner or Google Adsense.

Sell Private Ads

If you do not want to pay service fees for ad platforms, you can also sell private ads.

If your blog is already established and has a decent amount of following, advertisers themselves will reach out to you. You can set the rates you will set to get these ads posted on the site in some way. It could be in the form of a banner, link or even a sponsored post.

Before you use this type of ad, you should consider how the pay will work. Will you be charging a one-time fee or a monthly fee?

Add Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is another popular way to monetise blogs.

In this method, advertisers ask you to do a related post about the product they want endorsed. They will then pay you for every sale made through the affiliate code they provided you. This code can be used by the viewers to get discounts for the products.

Another method is that businesses may approach you to include links into your existing post or they may propose to guest post with their company’s weblink embedded into the post. Depending on how high your readership is, the amount will vary according to your popularity.

Sell Digital Products

Not a fan of ads?

Don’t worry, you can always use your blog as a way to sell digital products. This could be apps, photos, special how-to-do guides, graphic art and others.

Of course, before you attempt it, do some research on how much these should be priced and know what is relevant for your readers. You can ask your readers for opinions of what they would like you to sell and think of a product that will allow you to cater to these requests.

Use your blog to link it to your business

If you have physical products or services to offer, you can use your blog to direct readers to your business. You can write about your product or service or other related content on your blog.

This will help you show your viewers that you know your brand and you know what you are saying. This technique can be used for all industries and it will definitely get you followers.

Sell Membership

Does your blog come with premium content?

If that is a yes, you can offer these content for a price. Since you are using a blog, you can sell membership for your site’s blogs or for exclusive content your viewers will not find anywhere else.

But, remember, you will need to research and check if your content is worth the price you will charge it and if your viewers like it.

Boost your credibility

Blogs are a good way to build your online presence and in turn, it can lead you to opportunities where you can earn money.

For example, if your content about mobile phones and many love your post, you will be known as a trusted reviewer for these items. When you do get this title, people will slowly approach you for deals like becoming the face of a new mobile phone.

This specific form of money making is tricky but many famous bloggers have done this and enjoy its benefits. You can be surprised how much these sites make for these special content.

Patience is The Final Key

Making money from a blog takes a lot of patience if you decide to do it for your blog. It won’t just come when you set up the blog and leave it be. You will need to do the right content, research and experiment on how you can get people to view and click your content.

As you pick up the style that works and make an effort to keep your content fresh, you will be able to maximize your blog’s monetary appeal. Besides that, you will need to spend time constantly engaging your audience and to research in order to keep up with the trends.

Good luck!

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59 replies on “How To Make Money With Your Blog In 2019

  1. Making money with a blog is something hopefully everyone wants because 70% of people starts blogging with aim of making money and you listed ways in which you can make money on blog but the only challenge there is time…time, time ⌚

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    1. Ahh… Tell me about it… I lack of time as well. I wish there is 48 hours a day so I can work 24 hours and sleep 24 hours. Haha! Dreadfully lack of sleep now. Remind myself to drag the pillow to office tomorrow…

      *lucky for me, I work from home so dragging the pillow in is totally possible* Haha!

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  2. I see You have gone thro some of my posts and thanks for the same. Let me know what are the lacunas in the blog,so that i can improve upon it and make a little dough from as you seem to have a great knowledge regarding wtiting posts.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I see You have gone thro some of my posts and thanks for the same. Let me know what are the lacunas in the blog,so that i can improve upon it and make a little dough from as you seem to have a great knowledge regarding wtiting posts.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Yeah, because my niche’s focus is in business, career and freelancing so it doesn’t make sense to have google adsense or pop up ads (which is more suited if my niche is towards consumer products and services).

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  4. Thank you so much for such excellent advice. If a company approaches you to advertise on your site, do they tell you how much they will pay or do you have to come up with a price? If that should ever happen to me I would have no idea of a price.

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