5 Common Types of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliates often share techniques to ensure that their target audience is always engaged with their content and be ok to purchase the products being promoted. However, when it comes to promoting the products, affiliates do have various ways in doing it.

Here are the different types of affiliate marketers online today and how they showcase content:


Influencers are the most popular type of affiliate markets today. They are individuals who can influence a large following and get them to choose the products they endorse.

Thanks to their following, they can use their social media posts and their interactions to influence people to get the products they use. Once they make a sale, they get a share of the profits from the products they endorsed.


Bloggers are also great affiliate marketers because they can utilise their writing skills to make impressive reviews regarding a product and get it to rank high in search engines. This then drives people to check the seller and purchase the product.

Bloggers will then get bonuses for every traffic and purchase done through the links they share through their content.

Paid search microsites

Paid search microsites are also very good when it comes to affiliate marketing. These sites can often be found being advertised by a partner site or seen as a sponsored listing in any search engine people use.

These sites offer focused content for people who don’t want to search the internet just to find the perfect item. Conversions are easily made thanks to their simple, yet effective setup.

Email lists

Although it is one of the oldest ways to do affiliate marketing, email marketing is also a good means to do affiliate marketing.

Some affiliates run email newsletters where they can promote products from their chosen sellers. Others will even include hyperlinks of products to get commissions, especially if a purchase was done by a viewer through the link.

There are also affiliates who build their email following for a while so that they can utilize various campaigns to promote products to the right viewer.

Media websites

For those who are web savvy and can exert a lot of time in designing a webpage, media websites can also drive in a lot of affiliate marketing income.

Through these websites, owners can target a larger market that can reach around millions if they are able to promote products that are unique and interesting to use. It will also help with exposure and drive traffic, thus allowing larger revenue for both the affiliate and the sellers they team up with.

So How Many Followers or Readership Do I Need?

Any site associate with affiliated marketing must have a steady stream of audience or followers in order for you to be successful. Many people have asked me how many followers or daily readership is enough for your website to be bringing in money, sorry to disappoint but there is no magic number. It all boils down to these combinations below:

  1. Your Website Niche
    The more specialised your website niche is, the more attractive you are to businesses who wants to advertise with you. (I’ve talked about it here: How To Make Your Website Earn Money For You)
  2. Your Target Audience
    Basically profiling your readers: Age, Gender, Income level, Education, Country. The key is your profile cannot to be too wide otherwise it will just be everybody. And not to narrow either that nobody wants to collaborate with you.
  3. Your Content (Check out why here: Do People Really Care About Your Website Content?)
  4. Your Website’s Popularity or Ranking on Google
    We are talking about SEO, keywords, link building, backlinks etc. (Read here to find out more: SEO Content Writing Tips that Every Writer Must Practice)
  5. Your Marketing Strategy
    Besides your blog, do you also use social media to promote your content? Businesses tend to look at the overall package on how many eyeballs you can bring in and through how many outlets. So having Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the basic social media platforms that companies love to engage with.


If you will begin the journey of being an affiliate marketer, it is important that you know which type of affiliate marketer you want to be. Always take into consideration the amount of time you want to spend with this effort and see which type of affiliate marketing you can do.

Remember, the results may not be as immediate as you think but with some effort and patience, you will definitely reap from its results. However, the learning curve is pretty steep and it depends if you are consistent in your efforts.

If this is something that you like to venture in, you may want to consider taking these free courses here.

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