As a freelancing writer, I often get requests to write interesting and engaging content, most of the times to include keywords so enabling the article (hence the website as well) to get indexed on Google Search Engine. If you don’t know what SEO stands for, it is Search Engine Optimization.

There are quite a few algorithms to take note of and differences between short repeated keywords vs long tailed keywords, long form content vs short form content, bullet points vs numbering and images, videos, backlinks etc. One thing though, it is hard (not impossible) to have everything in the content and yet remain relevant and interesting to your audience. It can be hard to keep track of, which is why lots of people make the decision to use a white label seo firm to do the work for them.


When my clients asked for SEO writing, I try my best to stick to the guidelines given to my best abilities without compromising the core meaning of the article and engaging the readers. I’ll explain to my clients that you might have top-notch algorithms to get indexed in Google Search Engine (not unlike a professionally written resume) but you need good solid content to keep the visitors to stay and return (just like how you need to impress the hiring manager in an interview). Otherwise, you will see that your visitors merely stay for less than 5 mins on your website before going to your competitors’.

Personally? I don’t do SEO or play with algorithms on MiddleMe. I prefer to take a more traditional route, what can I say, I’m a conventional girl at heart. To write with my heart and soul, a good content I believe will naturally resound with the readers, in turn, urged them to share my articles through word of mouth. Yes, my personal preference is to go through the traditional method, through people. You may argue with me that there are a lot of traffic, noise and fluff on the internet, making it harder for anyone to find MiddleMe. That is also my point. I don’t want MiddleMe to be added in the fluffy world of SEO and keywords.

I strongly believe if my content adds value, then readers will appreciate my articles and if they do, they will share it out. It is much more meaningful to have my words travel from one recommendation to another, rather just because I am a master of keywords.


Give it a thought… if everyone is using algorithms in their articles, so isn’t it back to square one on the first page of Google Search Engine?

To each his own, everyone is after different goals and each website can differ its aims from branding to sales to pure passion. Some writers write for profits, some writers write just because they want to and I write because I want to help others. If there are comments or shares on any one of my posts, I consider myself a winner.

So as a writer yourself, how do you feel about SEO? Come and share your thoughts with us and maybe change my mind on keywords algorithms.

57 replies on “Write SEO and Forget About The Most Important Thing

  1. SEo for me is challenging. Though I know the basics like keywords and stay on topic with what you write, that pretty much is my knowledge of SEO. Algorithms change over time, and content is always ever growing, making hard for one to stand out. But If you work hard on carving out your work to cater to a niche audience, then there’s probably a higher chance your articles will work better with SEO and search engines. For me, I prefer to write from the heart too with my blog, and like you believe that if someone truly supports my content, they will keep coming back 🙂

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    1. But there are so many requests from all over, insisting their kind of SEO works. Whether it is long tailed keywords or 2000 words articles, everyone has their own formula. I truly believe that writing from your own heart is the only way to go if you are looking to retain long term readership and not just to make sure your website is clickable.

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    1. It all depends on what do you want to achieve for your website. I guess the combination is to write with both SEO and content in mind but it is hard to keep both equally balance.

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        1. Haha! I hope you enjoy Batam as well, although I do think that Batam is spoiled by the tourist market there. There is always next time to visit Malaysia! Let me know earlier and I can come up with suggestions on food and places to visit!


          1. The little diva? Alas, she hates to be on her tummy. She prefers to pull herself up on our fingers and practice walking. She thinks crawling is unproductive. Lol!

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  2. I just write and hope and don’t care much. Not as sophisticated as all that. What I write has no wide appeal on WordPress. You may never have visited. I’m still looking for a comment! Well read authors are pushed to the front in bookstores, write on topic and are very versatile in making books happen. You are talking about a seeker friendly church that has nothing to say but a wide appeal. People pleasing is for the insecure. Getting noticed is about quality.

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  3. There used to be a hype on SEO writing, stuffing keywords in one article. I used to write like that for my clients because they require me to. But I was never happy with my articles. Everything was so mechanical. Nowadays, people are now realizing that producing engaging content is the way to go. So yeah, I agree with you. People find our writing not because of SEO but because we pour our heart out on each article that we write. That’s how we make an impact, and that’s how we gain an audience. 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad that you are with me, Leah. Sadly, not everyone is on the same boat because there are still a lot of fluff content out there.


  4. Your information is interesting. Thank you for sharing. I am not interested in writing professionally but it is interesting to read about the challenges of the profession.

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  5. Agreed. Start off with providing content that is of some value to the readers as your primary aim and then you can think about SEO as a secondary aspect. In fact, I’d say the most important part of SEO is quality content (reduces page bounces, gets shared more). Don’t publish keyword heavy content just for the sake of it!

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  6. SEO is the way to go if you are looking for targeted traffic, but I fully agree with you, it’s always a challenge to create engaging content that is properly optimized. While engaging content can create a lot of traffic on blogs and social media, SEO still pays my bills. This is because traffic received as a result of search engine optimization has a much higher conversion rate. I really enjoyed reading your article on SEO, thank you for sharing!

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