Thank You for Being with Me for 5 Years

Oh my gosh! Yes, it has been 5 sweet years writing in MiddleMe. It started on this faithful day 7 July 2015. Fun Fact #1 I’m very bad with dates so usually important dates such as my marriage anniversary or birthday will have easy to remember combination. Heck, even my little one’s birthday is on…

The Best Thing to Hold onto in Life is Each Other

Love is in the air again in February. Like the above title, I’m holding on tight to you, my readers by being appreciative and grateful for all the support you have shown me throughout these years. Many of you have followed me since the start of MiddleMe and that’s a bloody long 5 years! Shocking!…

Thoughts I Take To Bed with Me

Many of us obsessed with our phones and tend to take our phones to bed with us. Lying in the dark while Facebook surfing until your eyes get blurry and too tired to use your thumb to swipe up, waiting for that precise moment your brain tells you enough information intake.

Brand New Updates

Hey ya! It’s been a long time that I have not personally update myself so I decided to address this white elephant today. Thank you so much for reading and participating in MiddleMe. For all your continuous support and positive encouragement, I continue to write on even when I don’t have time.

For All The What Ifs In The World

What if Snow White did not take a bite out of the poison apple? What if Cinderella did not go to the ball? What if Sleeping Beauty turns out to be a boy instead? There are plenty of crossroads in our lives. Many decisions made impacted our lives in more ways than one.