Many of us obsessed with our phones and tend to take our phones to bed with us. Lying in the dark while Facebook surfing until your eyes get blurry and too tired to use your thumb to swipe up, waiting for that precise moment your brain tells you enough information intake.

Not me.

I take many things to bed with me just not my phone. Because I’m obsessed with different things other than my social status or if anyone liked the photo of my dinner.

I take my thoughts to bed. Equally as bad.


I take the funny memories of my daughter to bed.

Sometimes, it verve on the line of wanting to sneak into her bedroom just to watch her sleep. I know, creepy as hell. But in the morning when she’s yelling for me, I huddled deep in my dreams, clutching my blanket over my head, telling myself that I’m hallucinating her screams.


I take sweet words to bed.

Marriage takes a lot of hard work indeed! I like to take simple loving praises and gestures from my husband to end my day. I hope that I reciprocate enough sweet gestures for him to take to bed as well.


I take my work thoughts to bed.

Solutions to a bad work situation often pop into my head without prompting and I’ll play out my solution to the situation over and over again. By the morning, I’ll have the near perfect answer to solve the problem on why the cookies in our pantry keep dwindling.


I take my friends’ problems to bed.

I wonder how I can help them and if I can do anything at all to ease their worries just a little. I wonder if they are tossing and turning in bed right now and if they will sleep any at all.


I take my clients’ problems to bed.

I write for a living. So to me, my clients who want their websites to rank on the first page of Google becomes my problem. To insert appropriate keywords yet to bring information to their target audience. Sometimes, I do so much research I tend to bring those floating thoughts with me into my dreams.


I take MiddleMe’s ideas to bed too.

Ideas on what to write on flows on endlessly in the night and sometimes elaborate and evolve in my dreams. That’s how I manage to write so much in the day when I sort out the things I want to write at night.


I take your comments to bed with me as well.

I sleep well surrounded by your encouragements. I delve deeper into your suggestions and pieces of advice. I implore further into your words of wisdom. At the end of me falling asleep, I’m happy and satisfied I have contributed to someone’s life.

I’m going to bed now and my brain has never stopped working. Although it is unhealthy not to have my mind rested at night, I always feel refreshed and ready for a new day when I wake up in the morning.

And that’s what I take with me when I go to bed at night.

What do you take with you when you go to bed at night? Share with us in the comments below.

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21 replies on “Thoughts I Take To Bed with Me

  1. I try to blank my mind for sleep. That way, what dreams come are spontaneous and pure.

    Dream: I was in the back of the pickup truck I just sold, sleeping, while my (late) mother drove. She was nervous driving, and knew she would have a wreck on one of the turns of a country road. I knew the truck was going to roll and then I would die. Felt helpless. Then flash to another place, where my mom is watching Oprah on TV. We evidently made it.

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      1. I was more frightened of Oprah than of the truck ride (joke).

        As long as you feel rested in the morning, I guess you’re OK. In a study done before I went to college (a long time ago), researchers tried depriving subjects of sleep. They managed to stay awake for about 2 weeks, but then they involuntarily crashed. Insomnia, I’ve learned personally, is not fatal. But sooner or later, you WILL fall asleep.

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  2. Very nicely written Blog . Most people who are addicted to Face Book / Twitter do ‘ check ‘ their notifications even at night when they wake up . Hope to see you read a story from my Book : Me & My Mobile from my Book : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . Book is now in 19 countries , 178 libraries India , 14 libraries in Usa .

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    1. Thank you so much, Rajiv. Yes, I agree many people check on their social media accounts before going to bed. Congratulations on being a successful author!!


  3. I try not to take too much to bed.I prefer to take happy thoughts, good things which happened during the day , achievements and things I can be grateful for to bed. Unfortunate it is not always possible and work problems flag up for solutions. I have well reduced my facebook presence and hardly look at it, I do love however my blog community. … and I do take my teddy to bed 🙂 hehe

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    1. Thank you, Ute for sharing with us. I do love the teddy part. Hehe. I stop taking soft toys to bed when my cats replace every single soft toys I had. Nothing can replace the warm furry purring things.

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  4. First let me say, your family is incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful woman, mother, wife in their midst.

    I try not to take “thoughts” to bed with me, but who can stop “thoughts.” So, I usually read Tang poetry. My favorite poets being Chia Tao, Du Fu, Po Chu-i and poetess Yu Xuanji, whose slim volume “The Clouds Float North,” translated by David Young and Jiann I. Lin, is sheer perfection.

    These poets never fail to put my mind in a most tranquil mood for good sleep.

    Great post. Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Paul. I’m very humbled by your comment.

      Wow! You read Tang poetry! I always want to give that a try. Maybe one day I will. I have always been interested in Chinese history and I just fulfilled one of bucket list item – to visit the Forbidden City.

      Thank you for dropping by.

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  5. I haven’t been here on your blog in quite a while. Yes, I do take my phone to bed with me because I never know if an emergency will come up and I plan for the future while listening to a radio talk show. I closed my twitter and facebook accounts because I’m just tired of that. Anyhow, take care.

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  6. I do take my phone to check the weather for the next morning and know what I should wear and to set my alarm to wake up on time. In addition, a book, in case I am to awake to sleep and and a little note book to write down my thoughts.
    As I feel ready to sleep, I focus on my body…relax every part and think ‘do no longer think’…within 5 minutes…this sleepy-monster is ‘gone’ 🙂


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