Thoughts I Take To Bed with Me

Many of us obsessed with our phones and tend to take our phones to bed with us. Lying in the dark while Facebook surfing until your eyes get blurry and too tired to use your thumb to swipe up, waiting for that precise moment your brain tells you enough information intake.

I Used To Be Countryist

I’m not a racist. But I must admit I used to be a country-ist. And what’s that? According to the urban dictionary: A countryist is someone who hates people from a certain country or countries.

Memorable Stories From Grab / Uber Drivers

Since the gone-horribly-wrong acquisition of Grab by Uber, I thought I’ll share some anecdotes from the private drivers I have encountered throughout Asia since 3 years ago.

Oh Wow, How Time Flies!

Many of you have become more than just mere readers and side audience but friends and inspirational role models to me. Two weeks ago, I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday when it strikes me that you have been following MiddleMe since I started freelancing 2 and a half years ago. You have been with me…