This is the continuation of conquering my dislike for driving and the need to overcome it because I refuse to be stuck at home with my child.

Kuala Lumpur has its beauty but one of it isn’t public transport so it is pretty common to see a household with 2 or more cars. So for some readers, they may be wondering if I have successfully passed my driving test, this is for you.

I was filled with dread and anxiety on the day of the test. My mind was wandering. As I walked through the long passageway in my driving school, wondering if I will be writing a post about failure and not giving up or writing about succeeding in conquering a skill that I find distasteful.

Wondering if I should go “Hey, I tried and failed, at least, I gave it my best shot.” Learning to let go of something that I don’t believe it is a need, more like a necessity because of the locale I lived in.

I don’t want to be a part of the statistic where many have gotten their driving license for the sake of getting one and never drove anywhere after that. It’s like learning to speak a foreign language but never get to practice it. A skill is not useful if you don’t put it to good use. Too many of my friends are just part of the statistic I speak of. Holding on an international driving license but never had the need to drive because, in Singapore, public transportation is implemented so successfully, owning a car is a luxury. It didn’t help that our cars are so expensive.

To give you a sense of how expensive our cars with tax, a Toyota Prius costs around USD$115,000. Yes, it’s crazy and you watch one of my favorite YouTube videos here on Fast & Furious 6 stars’ jaw-dropping reaction when they found out how ridiculously expensive our cars are:

I’ll never be able to afford a car in Singapore but in Kuala Lumpur, I can easily get their local branded car for USD30,000 (brand new). Time to go car shopping!

Back to reality, in the school, I was filled with nervous anticipation. Messages from family and loved ones start pouring in as my test time nearing. My driving Instructors are edging me on, providing last minute tips. My hands are clammy cold with sweat, I’m biting my lower lip and rubbing my tired eyes. In anticipation of the test, I’ve been down with flu for the past few days. I couldn’t sleep and I lost my appetite, along with my sense of humor.

This is how the driving test goes… I’ll have 45 minutes for the whole test, which is divided into two parts – the school circuit and on the road. The school circuit I’ll have to go through parallel parking, reverse parking, S course etc while on the road test is to determine how confident I am driving on the road and whether I remember my safety rules.

Given my nervousness, I fear mostly for the part of the circuit. Mounting the curb will be an immediate failure. This means I have to be extra vigilant during my parking – something I totally dread and not good at.

If you have read so far, I shall not torment you further with my results. I passed my driving test!


This further has instilled in my faith that I can overcome anything, even tasks that I don’t like if I put my mind to it. 20 years of procrastination and I did it!


Besides the continuous support of my family and friends (and their unwavering belief that I will get my driving license – I wonder why), I must credit the determination to my child. You see, I stubbornly refused to let my child be in a car without a car seat. I have scared myself silly watching those car accidents involving young children on YouTube. Currently, she is in a car seat cum stroller that I can easily maneuver (I love Doona!) when we go out but come 2 years old in January 2019, she’ll need to upgrade to a much bigger car seat that I couldn’t cart around everywhere if I don’t have my own car. So my dilemma is either she go without her car seat or we don’t go anywhere anymore. I did say I am stubborn when it comes to her well-being.

Although it is not mandatory in Malaysia to belt your child up in a car seat, I have been in and witness car accidents that can cost lives even if the driver is extremely careful. I can’t shake the fact if I don’t put my little diva in a car seat, somehow the responsibility is all mine if the car I’m traveling in is involved in an accident. I just don’t want to have that kind of guilt in my life. Ever.


So at every start of a driving lesson / practice, I religiously watched a video of my daughter babbling her babyish talk to me. To remind myself, this is for her. Taking driving lessons is for her. Passing my driving test is for her. Getting my driving license is for her. She and her safety become a driving force (pun intended) for me to become a driver so I can ensure that I am doing all I can to safeguard her when we are out on the road.

A lesson learned: if you are conquering something that you are unfamiliar with or doing something you really don’t like, it helps a lot if you have a driving force or a constant reminder why you are putting yourself through hell.

For me, her goo goo gaa gaa is enough for me to push myself above my limits.

Have you pushed yourself to your limits before? Or put yourself through something you detest? Share with us your experiences in the comments below.

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54 replies on “Conquer My Hatred Of Driving – The Finale

  1. Congratulations! I felt somewhat like that when I took the certification tests to become a teacher, years ago. Then I moved to a different state for several years and had to do it all over again! It was worth it to fulfill my goal of working as a teacher, though.

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  2. Congratulations Kally, you did it! Another hurdle overcome! Of course you do everything to protect your child and make sure your child is safe. Also here in London you see drivers with their children in the front seat unbelted- irresponsible in my eyes.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, Ute!! I thought in London it is compulsory to have child’s car seat if you’re traveling with a young child. Children should never sit in the front seat. Seat belts are meant for adults, incorrect sizing for children. An emergency brake can cause the child to slip out of their seats and fly through the windscreen. And that will be horrifying!

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        1. They should be warned. There are far too many accidents on the roads. It is not about whether you are a careful driver, sometimes it can be the weather or road obstacles or other bad drivers. Can’t leave it to fate.

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  3. Congratulations! I tried teaching my sister-in-law how to drive, but she couldn’t grasp it. I don’t know if it was fear though, I think she just figured out she could walk or call someone else for a ride. Her reasons were not strong enough. The more you drive the more comfortable you will be.

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    1. I hope one day I’ll be comfortable with driving. Right now, every time I drive, my palms are sweaty. It might be that your Sister-in-law has the same fear as me. To me, driving is operating heavy machinery. Haha.

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  4. Congratulations Kally! I tell you a secret: even if I drove for years, because I had to do it, I hate driving, and I’m so happy now that I’m not bound to do it anymore. Here in Italy, cars seat for babies are strongly mandatory, and they are really safe, so please keeo on using it for your little princess 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Paola! Yes, I will continue to use car seats. It is invented for a good reason to keep our young ones safe and sound. I plan to have her buckle up until 12 years old. Better be safe than sorry. I can’t live with myself if I get into an accident, knowing that a car seat would’ve kept her from harm. Thank you for sharing your secret. So someone detest driving as much as me!

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  5. Congratulations Kally! I am very happy for you. And as a grandfather, I do support the indispensable baby car seat. Better safe than sorry. There are many options. My daughter and son-in-law have one in each of their cars, and we have one in my wife’s car. (I don’t have one any more, gave it to my other daughter and happily use UBER when I need to get around)
    Félicitations as we say in French.
    (How would you say that in Hokkien?)

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    1. Kam siah, Brian! I love that you agree that car seats are important. Too many I have seen prefer to save their money than to buy one.

      Gong He is how we say in Hokkien.

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      1. Better safe than sorry. Children are very vulnerable. So a seat it is. We’ve always taken our children (and now grandson) on far away trips. But security comes first.
        So Gong He is congrats? Duly noted.
        Be good Kally. 🙂

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          1. He comes to the house 2 or 3 afternoons a week. Since both her parents are doctors they have to make the rounds at the hospital. We actually sold our house (too far away) and bought a new one, ten minutes away from my daughter’s hospital, and 20 minutes away from my wife’s work. 🙂

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          2. It is always so good to live near family. I do wish my family are nearby but alas, now I depends on my friends. That’s what happens when you relocate to another country.

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          3. Yes. It is convenient (and pleasurable) to have family nearby. Do you have daycare in KL? Our grandson goes to a small daycare/school in the morning. Which frees everybody.

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          4. I’m actually opting to homeschool her until she needs to go to a proper school when she is 6 years old. I used to be trained early childhood education so it seem to be a waste if I don’t school her myself. So she is stuck to me for good. Haha.

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  6. Right from the beginning I KNEW you’d pass it. WHY?

    Because your a good MOM and your a winner.

    Obstacles build character of which you have an abundance, that you graciously share with all of us., for which we are extremely grateful.

    God bless you, CONGRATULATIONS on another job WELL DONE n=my friend,

    May your Guardian Angels always protect you both!


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