Pretended To Be Not Who I Am

When I was young, I created an image of a successful woman that looks like this: To me, a successful career woman must be wearing a smart suit and high heels with carefully coiffed hair and perfect makeup. She should be using the latest gadgets and carrying fancy accessories like a Bottega Veneta handbag. She…

I’ll Never Be An Uber Driver

I like to keep my options open so I almost never ever closed my mind on something. Who knows one day, I may be able to game professionally (not really have the patience to sit in front of a computer screen all night) or open a cafe (don’t drink coffee, can’t bake to save my…

Taking the Stress Out of Your Drive to Work

No matter how much you love your job, having to commute a long distance can have an effect on your health. There is nothing more annoying than getting stuck in traffic and a bad commute can have you stressed out even before you’ve entered your workplace. Sometimes the drive might have been pleasant enough and…

A Part Of Me is Shared!

I told you that I have been actively volunteering for the past year and now I have something to show for it! Yay! I have been giving my time at a volunteer-run non-profit organisation called Ibu Family Resource Group that is the first parenting support network in Malaysia since Nov 2017.

Memorable Stories From Grab / Uber Drivers

Since the gone-horribly-wrong acquisition of Grab by Uber, I thought I’ll share some anecdotes from the private drivers I have encountered throughout Asia since 3 years ago.

Conquering My Hatred Of Driving

I really really really hate driving. Partly it is stem from the fear of the action itself and partly because I’ve been in a car accident twice.