I like to keep my options open so I almost never ever closed my mind on something. Who knows one day, I may be able to game professionally (not really have the patience to sit in front of a computer screen all night) or open a cafe (don’t drink coffee, can’t bake to save my life) or become a yoga teacher (the only pose I’m good at is the foetus position with my head on the pillow). 

But I can, for sure, say I’ll never be an Uber driver. 

Why the negativity? 

I like being honest with myself. If I can’t be honest in my face, I can’t be honest with anyone else and honesty is the first step to trust, respect and love. And I have always advocate passion in your job. If you spend 40 hours a week doing something you have no interest in, you are wasting time.

Time is precious.

In fact, in my personal opinion, even living up to 90 years old is not enough for me because there are still so many memories to create, so many experiences to share. 

So back to honesty, I don’t like driving. I really don’t. You can read about my dislike for driving here and here. I don’t like driving when I didn’t have a driving license AND I don’t like driving even when I passed my driving license at my first try (no easy feat given Singapore is pretty stringent on their driving test). Persuaded, coaxed and coerced by my family members, I decided to finally learn driving to add on to my list of life skills (together with my horrible cooking and falling asleep at anywhere).  

Since I gotten my licence in June 2018, I have tried driving numerous time. Each time it did not get better. Each time, I alight my car, I feel like a burden has lifted off my shoulders. Every single time, I need to mumble to myself for 10 mins to stay calm before I start the car. And every time, I pretend to be sleepy / not feeling well / distracted so I can use it as an excuse to escape from driving.

It’s like working in a job you hate and you use up every excuse to call in sick, refuse to work outside your scope and try means and ways to work the bare minimal. 

If you are in a job you hate or doing something you have no passion in, you are slowly destroying your soul inside you. Sure, you can give the job a chance or even two (just like I tried driving many times) but if you still end up not being completely satisfied, it is time to evaluate your options. 

Going up forcefully against a brick wall or trying to fit a square peg in a hole will never attain a good results and you probably be miserable, disappointed and doubting your capabilities.

This is not to encourage to give up at the slightest obstacle or not to try something new. It is for you to be honest with yourself and learn to let go because you are not a master of everything, you can’t be good at everything. It is for you to decide it is time to admit that there is something you are not good at or don’t enjoy at all, and move on to strengthen what you do best or even try different new challenges. 

For me, I know I’ll never make a good driver. As much as I am friendly, polite and you probably will enjoy our conversation during the ride but you’ll give me one star because I drove too slow, missed turning into the highway or worse, completely gotten us lost. Yes, even with Google Maps, I often get lost while walking, let alone driving. I’m that bad at directions. 

Hey, I’m not perfect! But at least, I know I’ll never be happy driving myself or anyone else. I can only nod along, smiling politely while staring blankly at my Uber Drivers who self-profess their love for driving in their cars. 

Please share with us on what jobs you will never be good at in the comments below. 

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48 replies on “I’ll Never Be An Uber Driver

  1. I can be good at things I’m not necessarily supposed to be. I’ve walked quarter sized blisters in my heels volunteer coordinating a 168 volunteer crew for a three day convention. I’ve difficulty seeing (I am legally blind) so after department head at a nursing home my shining career cleaning between chasing carts it was worth noticing how fast the 3’s and 2’s on restroom cleanliness went to 4’sand 3’s even if that’s all I controlled 1/2 a week. Right now I’d love the Uber eats easy sling a bag of food to a couch tater life but um being blind slows my driving career ;). I was 2-3 seconds slower than the slowest kid on the competition cart alone on the track so there’s a second job racing! Hee hee I’m not gonna be good at…

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      1. They’ve had over twenty years to heal. 😁. Memorable thingies. My favorite amusement was another similar Ilk service that delivered beer… Okay for a moment I felt 18 and put out an order for a six to live it up on a trip to Philadelphia….egads not one Philly cheese steak was any good.

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  2. I love driving. It unwind me, puts me in a good mood. The fact that I usually drive in my days off, because the better solution is to go to work by public transport (you don’t sit in traffic). Maybe that’s why I associate driving with pleasure only 🙂

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  3. Hey Kally, The job i hate is field work and sleep , tats the hardest job according to me. it never had complete sleep, also as i always in full alert. lll wake up to minor noises too. sometimes stray dogs are my annoying neighbours to keep me awake all night😂😂 and im very bad directions too which makes me the worst field person or an uber driver to work😉. Nice post Kally.✨✍️

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  4. I have a love/hate relationship with driving. I’m working towards getting rid of the cars and moving some place where I have little need for them and can use public transportation.

    As for the never would I ever type a job, I’ve learned never to say never.

    In today’s job market there are too many jobs that aren’t being done because people think they are not “cool jobs.” Also too many of our jobs are being automated.

    I have often said, “I don’t live to work, I work so I can live.”

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  5. I used to love driving in London, outside London, up to Scotland, down to Devon – I loved it but can’t drive now due to disability. One job I couldn’t do is being a children’s nurse. I couldn’t stand seeing little ones in pain, I’d lose it if I knew the child was a victim of any abuse and I know I couldn’t bear to see a child die. I once did a placement on a children’s ward and loved my short stay but that was enough.

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  6. And I was under the impression that you are loving it!

    But I think it is good not to be great at somethings. One can start up doing something but along the way, things don’t work out and the person reconsiders the decision he/she made up earlier.

    You may never be an Uber driver (heck I can’t be either, despite how much I love to drive) but for those who love and care about, may be a little trip down the road, once in a while, can fill up your heart in unexpected ways.

    It sure fills up mine 🙂

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  7. There are a lot of people who should not be professional drivers. If someone does not like to ride because he eats stress, then he should not get behind the wheel. I prefer public transport.

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  8. Wow, congratulations for passing the Singapore driving exam, but yes, it’s better not to go into a job you know you’ll hate. Even a job you otherwise love can be so stressful you want to escape at times, so why put yourself in a situation where you have the stress and nothing else to help you get through it?

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  9. Both David and I would be a driver – in fact there is not much we would not do. Although Laura could never drive a semi truck or bus (there would be too many accidents). But we would do just about anything, if we HAD to. But we also get why you understand which is the best choices for you.

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