You might remember on a particular article about a teacher seeking approval from his disappointing father published recently.

I am lucky to stumble upon Igor who is a history teacher from a faraway country that is seldom heard of in this region. Or maybe just in my social circles. As usual, I am one curious cat who never give up an opportunity to find out more about one’s job, particularly when the job is noble and interesting.

So if you like to dig into a teacher’s mind (like they did to yours when you are in school), here goes and hope you enjoy this piece.

Hello, Igor! Wonderful to have you with us in MiddleMe. Please introduce yourself and where are you from?

Hey there. My name is Igor. I am a historian and history teacher from Podgorica, capital of Montenegro. I work both in a primary and grammar school.

So you are a teacher? Please share with us more about your job.

Yes, I teach history for around five years. I teach kids from 12 to 18 years. In my country, primary school covers kids from 6 to 14 years. And I teach those from 12 until 14. And in Grammar school, I teach pupils who are between 15 and 18.

The role of the teacher is the most important one in society because it is a pillar of everything.

How do you become a teacher? Any relevant degree you need to hold? Skillsets?

Yes, I finished Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History. You need to have at least level of spec. science of History in our country, so you would be able to teach.

So why do you choose to become a history teacher? And not any other subjects?

Because in my opinion history gives the widest education to everyone who is willing to study it in the right manner. A good history teacher can connect many different subjects into one.

That is an interesting perspective! How important do you think your role is?

I think that the role of the teacher is the most important one in society because it is a pillar of everything.

That’s true. I think a teacher is pivotal to our next generations. But besides teaching your students, what other tasks does a teacher have?

In primary school, especially, teacher have obligation to participate in the process of upbringing the pupils and to give them also some important guidelines. In high school, it is more about making some projects, documentaries…etc.

Please share with us any interesting stories or people you have encountered at work?

I have a lot of colleagues who were my teachers, and I work with them now. My French teacher recognized me when I meet her, although we haven’t seen each other for 15 years. She even remembered the marks I had from that subject.

I love doing this job, and I will do this for years to come.

Wow! You must be very impressionable as a student to her. It must be great to work alongside with those once your teachers. Diving into the emotional part of your job, what gives you joy as a teacher? What gives you sorrow as a teacher?

I am blessed for working with young people who are giving me the will the work even harder. No sorrow!

You are very positive! And I like that in you. But what is the career prospect of this job? And what do you see yourself doing in five years down the path?

Well, I love doing this job, and I will do this for years to come. Although, there is always a chance of working in some other part of the Ministry of education.

What do you think is lacking in the industry nowadays for teachers like yourself?

I’m not quite sure. Maybe more space in the curriculum for widening the themes I enjoy teaching. Especially when it comes to creativity.

How do you find satisfaction in your work?

Mostly, through my pupils. We always adopt some new ideas. And I can say that they are the ones who are pushing me to work even harder, and with more joy.


I can tell that you really love your job as a teacher. This is a question I love to ask all of my interviewees. So please indulge me. What does passion mean to you? Are you pursuing your passion aggressively?

Passion is I guess one of the things that push us forward. That is why I am always searching for something more, create new ideas, new goals. And I can say that history is my passion.

If you are not a teacher, what do you think you could have become?

A professional athlete, for sure.

Any last words for someone who aspires to be a teacher?

Chase your goals. Everything can be done if you are inspired enough.

About You (A short bio):

My name is Igor Radulovic. I am 30 years old. I teach history in primary school and in Grammar school as a bilingual history teacher. I also adapted a couple of plays with my pupils, including “All quiet on the western front” and “Dead Souls.” Besides that, I am a researcher, especially in the field of history and political science.

You can reach out to me via LinkedIn.

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20 replies on “Lesson Taught By A History Teacher

  1. [QUOTE]Any last words for someone who aspires to be a teacher?

    Chase your goals. Everything can be done if you are inspired enough.[/QUOTE]

    Teaching is indeed an ESSENTIAL occupation. It is exciting to find anyone so in LOVE with what they are doing.
    I absolutely agree with the advise shared.

    Thank you both so much,

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