Do I Need to Put All Past Work Experience on a Resume?

When applying for any job, job seekers have to show that they have experience in the position or field they are applying for to get a better shot at getting signed in. If you have the experience, there is less need to train you or give you a trial run. But, what do you do…

Why Would HR Reject Employees Based On Their Backgrounds

Before an applicant is considered for a job opening, employers will look at the employee’s background aside from holding an interview. A background check allows the HR department to see if the applicant is perfect for the company or a threat to the team. But, what exactly is the background information about you that they…

What Employers Do Not Want to See on Your Resume

When applying for a job, it is important that your resume stands out from the rest of the applicants for that job opening. Every hiring manager has a range of techniques to help them see the best applicants, some being able to spot them with just one glance at their resume. Others may wish to…

9 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile to Get That Job You Want

When it comes to building networks within your chosen industry, LinkedIn is the social media that you should use. The site is used by professionals and companies alike, sharing information and updates about the industry they are in and building their network of connections.

Should You Lie In Your Resume?

Despite the plethora of jobs that are supposedly available today, getting employment is a very competitive business. Getting a job is a job all on its own.

Fear of Failure

Nobody is as afraid of being labelled as a failure as I am. I hate to fail, in all aspects of my life.