Why Would HR Reject Employees Based On Their Backgrounds

Before an applicant is considered for a job opening, employers will look at the employee’s background aside from holding an interview. A background check allows the HR department to see if the applicant is perfect for the company or a threat to the team.

But, what exactly is the background information about you that they will be after, and how can it change their perspective about an applicant? Here are six background information that the HR team will look into and why it can mean rejection for your application:

Work History

One of the major things that employers will look into is your work history. In every resume, you will be asked to provide details about your previous work and why you plan to work with a different company.

Some employers will even reach out to your previous employers to know what kind of employee you are. Any negative issues you may have can be against your inclusion in the company you are applying for.

Criminal History

Today, most employers check if a potential applicant has a criminal record when they consider their applications. Employers will look into the nature of the crime they committed and if there has been a conviction.

Some will automatically disqualify applicants with a criminal history, such as industries where high-security clearances are needed and jobs which will deal with children and the elderly. For these jobs, it is essential that a person is not a risk to others and keeps confidential information to themselves.

Other companies allow applicants with a criminal history to explain their criminal background to determine if they should give them a chance for the position.

Inaccurate Resume Or Application

Doing background checks don’t just allow HR teams to learn who you are as a potential employee; it also looks into your honesty in following the job application process.

The HR teams will verify your listed credentials, and any falsified information can immediately result in rejection. Employers want workers who are trustworthy and can bring in the skills the company needs.

Credit History

In some countries, employers will also look into your credit history before they give you an offer. While your credit history may not affect your chances for most industries, it will matter for industries involving finances like accounting, auditing and others. It will also be a factor for companies handling business finances to determine if you should be accepted for the job.

Social Media Presence

Companies nowadays look into their prospective employee’s social media accounts to see what kind of person they are online. At the same time, many contests conducting social media checks because of how sensitive and personal the information is posted on social media.

However, some companies check these sites to see if the prospective applicant has any biases and doesn’t have any vices or views aligned with their company’s culture that can result in their rejection.

Driving History

Some jobs will look into your driving history to determine if you are ok to take on jobs that require driving from point A to point B, with or without passengers. If you get into an accident, your company will be held financially and legally responsible for it.

Employers will also look into DUI records, and you will need to explain why it happened to you.


Whether you are looking for work or a new job, you will need to prove to your potential employer that you are someone they can trust. But, if your history shows that you have done questionable acts in a workplace setting, online and elsewhere, it will be grounds for the company to refuse your application.

So, before you apply, make sure your background is spotless or sorted out to improve your chances of getting that job rather than being rejected despite your credentials.

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  1. jminx94 says:

    Very helpful, esp the credit section. Thank you.

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you so much!

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  2. Shelly DS says:

    The place where I work keeps doing background checks every year… almost as though they are searching for weeds to pluck out 😀

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  3. Very helpful information. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Re: work history. It gets tricky if you worked in a toxic environment and you have to explain why you left the job.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes indeed… reason for quitting or leaving a job is crucial also having good relationship with previous employer is helpful because they are the ones who will give history of your previous performance.

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  5. Nice tips… doing background checks is really important as now people are faking qualifications.


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