In some situations, you will have to work hard on the small things, and writing your resume is one of such times. Besides, you only get to impress the recruiter in a matter of six seconds.

Make sure your resume has all the right stuff. Whether you have recently graduated or are a professional with years of experience. Make sure that your résumé includes five important elements.

By including the five elements you will are able to clarify your focus, thinking about accomplishments and key skills. Therefore, you will come up with a résumé that helps you differentiate yourself from the rest.

When you are in search of a new workplace, go through your resume. Also, make certain it contains these five main elements.


Proof of Expertise

A good title for your expertise is “Core competencies”. This is provided you have 2-5 years worth of experience. This will also work for someone switching careers. For individuals that have longer work histories, a title like “professional skills” will be more appropriate.

Applicants seeking jobs for technical or the trades positions might use a tittle like “technical competencies.” This segment is where you should list your experience, skills, and knowledge.

Education Highlights

Dates, Institutions attended as well as the certification or degree pursued are to be included in the education segment. Continuing education, Professional development, on-the-job training as well as other nontraditional education need to be listed here too.

When you showcase the acronyms in this segment here, it will ensure that the recruiters see this key selling point immediately. If you hold an advanced degree or certification that is useful in the job field, like MBA. It is then advisable that you include it following your name. This is at the top section of your resume.

You may not have to include acronym of your certification or undergraduate degree that is not related to the current job requirements. You, however, need to include details of these credentials. This you can list in the education and professional development segment of the resume. You only need to keep the upper part of your resume only for the key information.

Job Description Keywords

Most employers make use of the applicant tracking system (ATS). this system scans and ranks your resume prior to their looking at it. The ATS identifies specific keywords based on the job description. This way it determines whether you are a good fit for the particular position. As you write your resume, ensure that you incorporate keywords that come up oftentimes in the particular job description. Therefore, do not simply copy and paste. Ensure that you add the keywords naturally all through your resume.

When you require help in finding the relevant and popular keywords in any job description. You could try and create a word cloud using a few of job listings that you are interested in on free sites such as Wordle.


Relevant Experience

Although most people end up focusing on this segment, they wind up paying extra attention to the job descriptions and duties instead of the accomplishments. You need to remember to include effects, results, and the contributions you made at your previous jobs. This is together with the name of the company, years (no dates) of employment and the job title.

Numbers are important in supporting your career achievements listed on your resume. These show potential employers the entire scope of your capabilities. They also indicate your capability to lead a team successfully and contribute to growing the business.

An Engaging Summary

Candidates should remember that the objective of a résumé is “frowned upon. Alternatively, ensure you start your résumé with a segment that summarizes briefly your professional qualifications.

The objective is used to show the employer what a candidate wants. This summary is aimed at what a candidate, will bring in to the company when they get the role. Consider this as the feel-good segment of your resume. This is equivalent to a handshake. It highlights soft skills thus giving your resume a sense of humanity.

Therefore, take the time and carefully review your current resume. Then make sure that you have included all the above-mentioned elements in your resume. A well-done resume will get you better opportunities as well as get your application land in the “Yes” pile.

You will have differences in several of these segments. This is based on whether you graduated recently, are changing your careers or are considering moving up in leadership.

Do remember this, when you cannot answer it, rewrite it or simply take it off the resume. When preparing your application, your overriding concern would be, how you can stand out from all other applicants.

What you will need to do is to highlight the frosting on your cake; not just a plain cake.

Do you agree with me? Come and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Love to hear from you!


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44 replies on “5 Key Things You Need To Have In Your Resume

  1. My friend, long retired I don’t need this for myself; but what a Blessing you are to the many still employed.
    Excellent advice.

    As a manager I have read a great many resumes; you advice is excellent.

    Thanks and Continued Blessings,

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  2. “Dates, Institutions attended as well as the certification or degree pursued are to be included in the education segment.” This could contribute to ageism depending on the company. I think it’s best just to list the institution attended and then bring up dates once a interview has been provided.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is very refreshing. Too many employment mentors, in the past, would tell us to list jobs chronologically, in reverse order, and to describe the duties of a given job, rather than land on accomplishments. Hiring managers wanted the latter, but expected the applicant to know this by osmosis.
    Your post spells things out more clearly-a boon to the up and coming new prospects.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Your instructions are written in a style that should impress any employer before he meets the one seeking a position. Efficient and productive.


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