How to End Your Internship on a Positive Note

An internship is a great way to learn more about the industry you plan to get involved in and gain the experience necessary to help you with your career. When it ends, it is important to leave on a good note and make it an opportunity to land a job or a referral in the…

Guest Post: Job Seeker Poem

One of my regular reader, Pat has contributed an amazing and beautifully penned poem about the pains of job hunting. We’ve all been there, charting the unknown waters and feeling despondent. Pat has perfectly put those emotions into words. I hope you enjoy it and drop by   If the sky is the limit, Then…

How To Choose Your 1st Job When You Graduate

Congratulations! You have graduated. So now what happens? Do you continue to take higher education? Or do you start working? Or do you pack up and move to a totally rad city that you always want to live in? Or maybe take a year-long trip to explore the world?

5 Key Things You Need To Have In Your Resume

In some situations, you will have to work hard on the small things, and writing your resume is one of such times. Besides, you only get to impress the recruiter in a matter of six seconds.