Congratulations! You have graduated.

So now what happens? Do you continue to take higher education? Or do you start working? Or do you pack up and move to a totally rad city that you always want to live in? Or maybe take a year-long trip to explore the world?

Your next step is actually crucial on the foundation of your successful career path. So you don’t have to rush into anything. Take a deep breath, relax, chill out and binge on Netflix for a week (you deserve it) then take a look at the few pointers below for a brand new start to a wonderful chapter of your life.


Soul Searching

Before you jump at the first offer, think hard, is that the job you really want? Is it your passion? Many of us take up the first offer because it is safe, without realizing that you probably will end up hating the job. Search through your heart and soul and ask yourself if this job reflects your passion and everything you believe in.

I had my first full-time job as an early childhood educator because I love children. The job lasts me for 3 years until I realized that it had no prospects but I didn’t regret it at all because the 3 years prepped me for this later part of my life – motherhood.

Understand Your Strengths

Knowing your strengths in-depth will help you to pinpoint the right job. Instead of struggling to meet the expectations of your boss, you will definitely boost your confidence if you can go far and beyond the job requirements. Not to forget that you probably will be overwhelmed by your new working environment, working culture and not to mention, your new colleagues.

Besides boosting your confidence if you know you can do the job well, it will leave you time to build your network skills in the new corporate world you are stepping in. I have met plenty of people not remembering their first job experience because they were busy catching up on their workload. A good first job memory will last you a lifetime.

Don’t Jump At The First Offer

That includes the company that you interned when they offer you a permanent job. Shop around first. Don’t sell out at the first offer or when your eyes bungled at the salary. Take into consideration the following questions:

  • Can you learn something there?
  • Who is going to mentor you?
  • What is the future of the company?
  • Does the company’s vision align with yours?
  • Can they help to groom you to where you want to be?


Money Is Not Everything

As much as you are broke as a student and with your student loan looming in the background, please don’t sell your soul to the highest bidder. It will kill you slowly. You’ll end up being an empty shell, not understanding what you are working for and not caring the amount of time wasted on a job that you don’t even give a damn.

Try to find a balance during your job search: find a company as exciting as a startup, as secure as an established company and as diverse as a multinational organization.

Be Humble

You may be young and youth has a lot of benefits, being arrogant and daring are not one of them. If you’re not careful, you might step on the toes of those who wish to mentor you. So stay humble and follow closely on the next point…

Observed & Absorb

If there’s someone to guide you in your new job, awesome. Stay humble and learn as much as possible. If there isn’t anyone available, try to put yourself out there to help others. Everyone appreciates anyone who is willing to be helpful and try to learn the ropes. Be like a sponge and take in new knowledge. This precious information is something you can’t find it in your books.


Continue Learning

Talking about books. I’m sure that you have recently graduated and the last thing on your mind is further education. But to get ahead, keep the momentum going, this is the best time to start hunting for the next course you want to take. You don’t have so anything major while you are still trying to pay off your student loan. There are free courses out there like Coursera that will give you the edge you need.

Any good advice from you? Please share it with our new graduates at the comments below.

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31 replies on “How To Choose Your 1st Job When You Graduate

    1. That’s true. A lot of us only realise our mistakes after 3 years into the workforce. Hopefully, this article will help them avoid those mistakes and better make use of their time.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. GREAT Advice {again; no surprise there}

    Here’s a bit more wisdom from an Oldie…

    If you have never done so take an aptitude “test” {you can’t fail it}, and it will identify for you your strengths and weakness’.

    as a “kid”, I LOVED photography; I earned a degree in it, was a photographer in the USAF, and worked professionally for a couple of years. I decided I would open my own business, BUT lacked business and selling experience. So I took a job in Retail.

    I quickly discovered that I was a “natural” at selling, and fell in LOVE all over again with Retail and spent over 40 quite successful and for the most part happy years in it.

    The point is sometimes our FIRST love is NOT our greatest love.

    May God guide your life path,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I love your quote and it’s true that our first love is not our greatest love. I believe as we matures, our passion expands and grow with experiences so we need to continue to evolve and challenge ourselves.


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