5 Things to Do When You Receive Your First Salary

Did you just get paid your first salary? Congratulations! You are now a full-fledged working adult and slowly becoming independent. While spending your first salary immediately on luxury items or vacations can be exciting, you should pause and think about where you will spend all that money to make it count. Here are 5 things…

How to Finance Your Post-retirement Business

When you think about retirement, you would think that it’s time for you to enjoy your life free from work and other things that disabled you from pursuing what you love. However, for some people, retirement is nothing but a milestone and it should be a stepping stone to trying out something new while still…

5 Astonishing Stats on Where Americans Are Drowning in Debt

Credit cards, mortgages and hefty auto loans are all debt problems in America, but the single biggest offender putting people in the red is the healthcare industry. Medical debt is the number one reason Americans file for bankruptcy. An astonishing number of people struggle to pay off their medical bills and often have to go…

How To Choose Your 1st Job When You Graduate

Congratulations! You have graduated. So now what happens? Do you continue to take higher education? Or do you start working? Or do you pack up and move to a totally rad city that you always want to live in? Or maybe take a year-long trip to explore the world?

Guest Post: 5 WAYS WE DESTROY DEBT {$30,000 IN 16 MONTHS}

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