Being a job seeker during a pandemic is not a good way to start or develop a career, especially if you have just graduated out of college. Not only will you have to contend with an immense competition for job openings, but you also need to prove your worth so that employers could consider you for the position even if you still do not have any work experience.

The uncertainty over one’s potential in getting a job at this time adds to the stress that may have already been existing regarding the pandemic. Some may even lose their will to try looking for a job during this time, but if you are determined to find one, there are some tips you can do to make your job hunting successful despite these uncertain times.

Here are some of the tips I recommend if you are a new graduate looking for work during this pandemic:

Apply for relief efforts assistance

If you just graduated and need some financial assistance, consider checking relief efforts that you are eligible and can support you. Check online to see what government aid is available for new graduates such as deferred student loan payments, and so on.

You can also reach out to non-government organisations if they have relief efforts you can avail.

Check short-term work options

You can also start building your job experience by looking for short-term work options. You can check out freelance jobs or in-person job openings which you think is something you can do for the meantime while you are looking for a permanent job.

While these work options may not be the best ones for you, the skills and experiences you will get will help you boost your applications to your target careers.

Practice for remote hiring

Most companies nowadays are leaning towards online recruitment. They are doing the entire process from searching the best candidates to preparing the employee for their new job. If you have some difficulty speaking to people, you can use this time to practice how you will handle video or phone interviews with a friend or family member.

You can also use the time to build your social media presence, which some companies may look into when reviewing your job application.

Check online training and educational resource

Some current job openings during this pandemic might not be within your skillset. If you want to get a job during this time, don’t be afraid to improve your skillset by signing up for online training or courses. Some of these sessions are free, but some offer paid courses with online certifications.

Check your budget before considering which route you will take because as a new graduate, you will need to be careful with your finances.

Take the job even if it isn’t your dream role

If you get a job interview and get offered with it, don’t hesitate to accept it if you can do it. Sure, it may not be the dream job you want, but it is all part of every new graduate’s career path. You have to start somewhere and gain some work experience.


Although there is an ongoing pandemic, you shouldn’t lose hope if you are a new graduate trying to find a job. If you look hard and prepare accordingly, you will make a breakthrough. Be patient and good luck!

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26 replies on “5 Tips for Graduates Entering the Workforce During Pandemic

  1. Cet article est parfaitement construit et écrit sur un état des lieux d’une situation perturbante. Cette pandémie est la première de ce type. Beaucoup et de plus en plus sont diplômés ; des gouvernements ont peu à peu baissé le niveau des examens, afin de permettre les études. Les étudiants ne sont pas comptabilisés comme chômeurs. Alors ils doivent en garder un plus grand nombre. Plutôt que de développer les activités fournissant des besoins en personnels, offrant des perspectives.
    Alors cette pandémie réécrit l’avenir selon les trois thèmes : avant la pandémie, pendant, puis, après la pandémie.
    Les perspectives seront nombreuses en particulier tout ce qui concerne les nouvelles énergies durables et non polluantes, la sauvegarde de la nature. Etc.
    Bravo pour tout votre travail, savoir-faire. Je reconnais la qualité de ce que vous travaillez et diffusez depuis des années.
    Merci Kally

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Another timely and wise POST Kally, thank you,

    And I agree (not that it matters), that NO Job Done Well goes unrewarded.

    If YOU agree to do a job; also agree to do it well, or don’t accept the job offer.

    May God guide your Life-Path,

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Such and important post Kally! Hopefully, schools can help with the launch. The good news is there are so many opportunities online now. My daughter is finishing her NBA which shifted to online and is thriving with intern job. She just got her first full time offer!!! YAY! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Great tips! We should probably all practice for remote hiring if possible. 😅 I like the idea of practicing with friends and family. It’s way to connect and also get feedback about whether you’re looking at the camera, what your body language communicates, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

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