10 Awesome Tips to Write a Personal Statement in Your CV

When submitting a CV for a job opening, you may be asked to write a personal statement that serves as a summary of your profile. It can include why you should be considered for the role, what skills you have, and your career goals. Writing this personal statement can be a struggle for some job…

Don’t Believe These 10 Job Search Myths

Are you having zero luck when it comes to your job searching? If that is a yes, there might be something wrong with your job search strategy. Coming up with one is easy, but there are job search myths you have to debunk, so it won’t affect how you see job searching and its nuances….

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Ignored when Applying for Jobs

Are you experiencing problems getting a job offer or being chosen for an interview even after all the applications you made? There are many reasons why your applications are being ignored by hiring managers and potential employers. First, it could be that the HR department found itself overwhelmed with applications, and they can’t reply to…

What to Do if a Job is Reposted After Your Interview

As a job seeker, I will tend to check online to see if the position I interviewed for in the company is still active. If it is not, it may be a good sign since it may mean that the position is still open, and the hiring manager may still be deliberating about recruiting me….

Should You Apply for Two Positions At The Same Company?

Let’s face it. Job searching can be exhausting, especially if you want to work in a competitive industry. You may find multiple positions you like during your search, and some of them are in the same company. It can be very tempting to apply for these openings if you have their credentials. Still, you will…

Conquering Your Fear of Changing Jobs

Fear is something we all have to live through in life and overcome. In our careers, fear can be brought by career changes, transitions and even new trends to the business. If you find yourself in a new position or a work environment, you are expected to adjust immediately and keep up with the changes….

Do’s and Dont’s to Protect Your Privacy as a Job Hunter

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to jump into a search engine, find a job opening and apply if you find one. There are even tools for job seekers and hiring managers to utilise to make everything more efficient. However, there are now reports circulating about people who have been scammed by fake hiring managers whom…