It is not uncommon to find yourself hoping to discover what you love in order to escape the monotony of your daily life.

However, discovering one’s passion can be very tricky to do if you do not know where to start. So, in order to help you out, here are several tips I can share with you so you can get started in finding your passion.

#1 Listen to your body

Whenever you do something, your body often tells you if you like it or not. When you like something, you feel sensations of elation and peace. Your body doesn’t also feel tired whenever you do something you like and, in some cases, your body will tell you to go back for more.

In contrast, when you don’t like something, your body becomes easily tired. You also feel like you are doing something repetitive and you don’t feel happy doing it. You also find it constricting to do so you may don’t like

As you do things, try checking how your body will take it and start from there.

#2 Try new things

The world has a lot to offer and you are likely just experiencing a small part of it. Don’t be afraid to try out things you haven’t done because you may end up discovering what you love.

In some instances, you may even discover that there’s something more about what you originally like and develop your passion from there.

#3 Ask yourself why you are doing something

There will come a time in your life that you will ask why you are doing certain things. The more you remain in an activity which you love, the better. When you are doing a job you are in, check if it is close to what you want. If you are just in a job to earn money or does not give you any fulfilment, you need to reconsider your current position.


#4 List the activities you love to do

Since we do a lot of stuff every day, try keeping a list of things you like doing or would like to pursue. Once you list it down, pick one from the list and do it!

For example, if you have been doing administrative duties and you like writing, why not do a book? Or travel the world?

#5 Know what you want and focus on it

We know what we all want for ourselves, but sometimes, it is just hard to pick up what we want because our mind often buzzes with a lot of things. Take some time to stop, think and focus on what you really want to do.

#6 Celebrate each time you do something extraordinary

Whenever you successfully completed something or did something new, treat yourself as a reward for your hard work and success. When you do this, it motivates you to keep doing your best in everything you do.

#7 Speak to new people

When we make friends, it is common we ensure they share the same interests and career. When you are in a new place or group, don’t be afraid to speak to people because they may provide you a different perspective on the things around you. You may even learn something new.

#8 Make a journal

Although some may say journaling can be a bit old-school or boring, journaling can help you record your ideas, the events that took place for the day, and everything you might think of.

When you need some inspiration or you want to look back, just get the journal and re-read what you wrote.


#9 Travel

As listed in number 2, the world has a lot to offer and if you just stayed in one place, you can’t see these offerings.

When you travel, you can see the world from the perspective of its locals and experience the things on your own.

#10 Look for an inspiration

If you need an inspiration, best you check the people around you. It can be your parents, your friends, or celebrities who have the job or life you want. If its someone you know, ask them to sit with you and ask them how they managed to achieve their passions. If it is an artist, follow them and send them a thank you note and tell them how they inspired you.

#11 Patience is a virtue

Finding your passion doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. It may take you years to find that passion that makes you happy. You may even find yourself changing your passions as you grow older.

#12 Be thankful

As we live life and learn more about the things people around us do, we start to appreciate the things that we should really value and realize what our passion really is. However, we tend to forget to be thankful because of our daily work or activities.

We should not forget to be thankful for our life. Stop for a bit from your busy work and reflect to keep you inspired.

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39 replies on “12 Things You Can Do Today To Find Your Passion

  1. lol! Kally? There is no ‘monotony’ in my daily life, but! My goodness! To do all of that? My life would turn ‘Monotomous! hahaha!

    I already do most of it ‘spontaneously’ as my Heavenly Father leads His little girl. No kidding! I’m now 79 going on 9. No problems. No sorrows. No monotony for sure. And no money either! But!

    I have the best of all there is to have because? O well! Because I done quit doing all those things by my own efforts. But, hey! It’s a good post anyway! Love u so much! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This was a truly amazing and brilliant post! Thank you for sharing such fantastic knowledge and I want you to know it is very much appreciated! I am trying to learn more about free lance writing and you were referred to me by a fellow blogger. I am really looking forward to reading more of your posts and hopefully getting an idea of how to get into free lance work! If you have the time, please check out my site. I always aim to encourage and inspire others through the words that I write. I do always write from the heart. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for showing your support, Alyssa! I will pop by your website very soon. I’m sure you will find success in freelancing if you put your mind to it. You will do very well if you put your heart to your passion. And I wish you an awesome weekend!! Stay true to your words and pursue your passion!

      Liked by 1 person

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