Some say your job or what you are working on can tell a person what kind of life you are leading.

If you had an office job, people would say you are boring because you are only spending most of your day in the office. Meanwhile, if you are always on the go, you are great to be with because you have an exciting job.

Nowadays, this belief is true because our “work” often takes a lot of our time every day. Even if you deny that your work is not affecting your life, there will be ways to it will appear in your actions outside it.

Here is how what we do for a living can influence our life:

1. It changes your life

When you have work and have been doing it for a while, you enjoy doing it even if there are days when you don’t feel like going. You know deep inside that everything will be ok the next day and you can do better.

Meanwhile, if you don’t like the work you are doing, your mindset is reflected on how you see your life.

2. It brings stress

Work has the power to bring you stress and if you can’t leave that stress in the workplace, it will bleed into your personal life. Even if you are at home and it’s time to rest up, the negative thoughts about your work will plague you and it will cause your stress to rise up.

So, if you somehow find yourself snapping at your loved ones for some reasons, your work may be the cause of it.

3. It can affect how you manage your time

Most of us often spend a lot of our time at work rather than at home. If you tend to overwork and do overtime, you are reducing the time you have for family or for yourself.

Remember, time is something you can’t take back and the more you spend time on something you don’t like, you are wasting your time.

4. It causes you to become complacent

When we get an opportunity to work or do something, we settle in easily on the job even if it’s not the first thing that we choose for ourselves.

If the pay is good and it’s something you can do, most of us will think it is “good enough.” In turn, we consider things “good enough” to settle down even if there are opportunities out there that can change our life.

5. It holds you back

The more you work on a job, the more you forget what is truly important: spending your life to the fullest. You tend to focus more on your work goals rather than your health, family and the many milestones you can’t achieve if you are only focused on one thing.


It is true that work is very important and having one will help you become happy with the income you make from it. However, it is also important to know that there are other things in life that we must take into account as well.

Take some time to look into your work and ask yourself if there are ways you can grow from it. Sure you don’t like it, but there are opportunities you can do with it to help you grow. Make every moment count and turn your work into a dream job you wish you had.

Has work affect your personal life in the past? How did you overcome it? Come and share with us your story.

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31 replies on “What You Do for a Living Can Affect Your Life

  1. These are good points. I don’t like my job because it isn’t where I want to be in my life at the moment. I work as a hotel front desk associate. I want to work in journalism or something relate to that where I can make a decent living. My work schedule isn’t consistent and I hate that because it does mess with my sleep and things I want to do. The only thing is I am not the best at interviews so it makes finding something else difficult. Especially with my lack of work experience.

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  2. I truly agree with you but the fact that it is rare to find a job that you love and getting big bucks from it. Stress is seems to be a partner in the job or workplace unfortunately and if the person can retire early the better.

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    1. It really depends on the passion you have and how much you strive to achieve your dream job. Some do it by honing the skills required for the dream job and work from the bottom to the top while some just focus on creating a company that feed that passion. It is not easy to be rich whether you are working in a job you love or struggling in a job you hate. However, you’ll be a lot happier working in something you believe in and passionate about.

      As the saying goes “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I truly believe in that because I have jobs that I love and jobs that are “meh”. I found myself raising up in ranks on the jobs I have passion for because I give it my all and everything. Stress will be noting compare to the immerse satisfaction and experiences I gain from doing the things I love. 😊

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  3. Work schedule certainly effects social life! I knew someone who often worked graveyard shifts, which meant he was really sleepy during the day. Later, he worked during the day but was on-call, which made it hard to commit to social events.

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  4. Yeah! That’s true. We spend lots of our time at work and what you do mostly there really becomes part of you so if your job make you to get angry then you will become angry person even at home so if your work makes you to become what you don’t like just quite!!!

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  5. Mixed feelings, I guess… I’ve mostly worked to express some expertise appreciated by others (something worth pay)… not necessarily a “passion”, but certainly a commitment. But the objective was always to have the resource to pursue a passion, even if it wasn’t something appreciated by others. Getting paid for what we enjoy isn’t always realistic, and I think it can also be a mistake to turn a passion into “work”. Nevertheless, I certainly agree that one’s work shouldn’t result in mere misery. It helps to like what you do, or to at least feel good about it.

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