What You Do for a Living Can Affect Your Life

Some say your job or what you are working on can tell a person what kind of life you are leading. If you had an office job, people would say you are boring because you are only spending most of your day in the office. Meanwhile, if you are always on the go, you are…


My previous retirement post gained loads of hits from you fans so when I chanced upon Mister Muse’s retirement post, I just have to ask him to allow me to share with all of you here. Enjoy this wonderfully written post and do pop by his blog soon! Hard as it may be (for me,…

Wearing Too Many Hats At Once

I am a mother, daughter, wife, writer, freelancer, career counselor, volunteer all roll into one little me. That’s many hats to wear on one little head!

The Ultimate Checklist For New Freelancers

Recently due to a recruitment stint, I have been in contact with a lot of new freelancers. Many of them have asked me how I started my journey and how to get my first client.

It’s A Dog Year

Today is the first day of the lunar Chinese New Year. For all the Chinese around the world, regardless they are in China, Singapore or in the States, this festival means a lot to us.

Why You Should Not Ignore Exercise (Even When You Are Overwhelm With Work)

At times life happens and you may get a little sidetracked. Family obligations come up, you get held up doing overtime at your workplace or sickness kicks in. in particular overtime at your workplace, some days get a little extreme and these crazy days could stretch for weeks and even months.

Work Life Matters: We Need To Have Fun

Seriously, folks! You need to have fun at work. Again, I have met people who are lamenting their work and yet not take any action to change the course of their life. I wonder why they subject themselves to a subpar work life when it is 9 hours a day, 45 hours a week, 180…