At times life happens and you may get a little sidetracked. Family obligations come up, you get held up doing overtime at your workplace or sickness kicks in. in particular overtime at your workplace, some days get a little extreme and these crazy days could stretch for weeks and even months.

To ensure good health and physical fitness, regular exercise is important. It decreases the possibility of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases. Exercising can delay the process of aging and improve your appearance. Most notably, it decreases stress. All the stress you’ve been building up from work and all the yelling you’ve been enduring at work.

Reduce Stress

A common result of running a business is stressful. Even when your business is very successful, this also comes with its own stress-levels. Exercising regularly increases the endorphin production that gives you a natural high and brings about a calmer outlook to help you face the ups and downs of operating a business.


Increase Energy

When you are fatigued, the last thing you may want to do is exercise. But the latest research has shown that frequent, low-intensity exercises can help increase the energy levels in individuals suffering from exhaustion. In addition, some people take supplements such as protein powders to help provide more energy and increase strength. It is recommended that you research fully and look at reviews like these Power Life reviews for example, before adding any supplements to your diet, to ensure that they are suitable for you. Bottom line: When exercising, your body utilizes energy to keep it going.

Workplace Stress

Stressful projects or meetings, heavy workloads, and feelings of not being appreciated are some of the reasons related to stress that make most employees miss getting to work. Scheduling a jog, walk, or an extra enjoyable physical activity to your busy work schedule might at first look like it’s counterintuitive. However, it not only safeguards against or decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression, it could also increase happiness and joy as well as help you increase psychological resilience for anything that comes your way, thus you are less overwhelmed.

Too Focused On Work

It is easy to overlook your physical health when you are too focused on your work. However, when you support your health with exercises and good nutrition, you can better handle stress and are a lot stronger. Taking care of you does not need a complete lifestyle overhaul. Yet, its small things that will boost your energy, lift your mood, and have you feeling like you’re in control of your life.


Exercising Increases Confidence To Face Difficult Tasks

Being confident and avoiding fear are not constants in peoples lives. At times you may face the challenge with much gusto while at other times you lack the enthusiasm to face life’s hurdles. The discrepancy in courage is frequently times attributed to a chemical in your bodies that increases or lowers your confidence. Thus follow exercise tips that work in your favour by bringing your ability to be bolder as well as achieve more.

Generally when an individual says they don’t have the time, what they actually mean is that they don’t have energy. Some prefer snuggling up on the couch and watch Netflix. Even then, it is important for you to prioritize your wellbeing despite how busy you may be. Your well being is a win-win; it gives boosts your energy levels, as a result, you feel great, are more productive, and get everything in life.

One more great thing that exercise can bring you – a common camaraderie with your colleagues and you can even choose to workout with them to foster a stronger bonding in the workplace. One of the many reasons why awesome offices usually come with a gym or at least a gym membership.

If you really don’t have time to workout, you can consider engaging my favourite personal trainer aka one of my followers to guide you through online. Check out his profile!

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48 replies on “Why You Should Not Ignore Exercise (Even When You Are Overwhelm With Work)

  1. I love your final tip: “Exercising increases confidence to face difficult tasks.” So good!
    I think another benefit that I’ve learned is that regular exercise shows me that there’s more to my life than just working, as well. I don’t have to be defined simply as “an employee.” I can also be “a runner,” or “a weight-lifter.” I can set goals for my fitness, and work toward aspirations outside of work. I find that this ultimately helps make my time at work more enjoyable.

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  2. Hello Kally,
    I just wanted to say, that once again, you have written an article where I said, “Hey, I like what she did here on the subject!” Now, this does not mean I do not enjoy your other articles. (Haha) Either way, remember how I featured you back on April 1, 2016, with “Bosses and Culture? Kally knows”? Well, it has certainly been overdue for me to feature you once more by referencing this article!
    It is called “Exercise Benefits are still Gained when a little Tired”

    Once again Kally, thank you for sharing your tips. Kind regards, James

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  3. I’m so grateful that you have signed on to my Blog. Welcome.

    And I am also grateful for the focus of your BLOG; trying to help others HELP THEMSELVES.

    This is much needed Ministry, and I shall pray that God continues to guide your path,


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  4. Bonjour ou Bonsoir KALLY

    De te connaître c’est le bonheur
    C’est ce qu’il y a de meilleur
    T’offrir se partage cela viens du cœur
    De t’avoir parmi mes amis c’est de l’or
    C’est plus qu’un trésor
    Je me sens plus fort
    Chacun de tes passages est réconfort
    Alors à toi je dis merci
    Grâce à toi je souris
    Car tout ce que j’avais envie,

    C’était de te dire merci, merci d’être mon Ami

    Bonne journée ou soirée

    Gros bisous


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  5. So true. I try to think of work as a means to let me live my life, but not the other way around. I think one of the biggest issues we have in society is that we are valued by our jobs, not as people. Right, I guess its off to the gym I go!

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    1. Hope you did have a great time in the gym. Yes, I do believe many valued by our jobs or the titles we held at work. More than often I’ve been asked what I do instead of what I like by strangers.

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