Is Relocating for Work Worth It?

When you receive a job offer, it is a great way to move forward to your chosen career. However, when you see that your job offer will lead you to another country, there are a lot of questions that would pass your mind. Is it time for you to try moving overseas for your career?…

Wearing Too Many Hats At Once

I am a mother, daughter, wife, writer, freelancer, career counselor, volunteer all roll into one little me. That’s many hats to wear on one little head!

8 Types Of Work-Related Stress

For every employee, business owner, or head officials, work can stress you out; especially on instances where you are trying to meet a target or you are going to close an important deal.

The Ultimate Checklist For New Freelancers

Recently due to a recruitment stint, I have been in contact with a lot of new freelancers. Many of them have asked me how I started my journey and how to get my first client.

7 Time Management Tips For Reducing Job Stress

The complexity and number of projects that have to be completed in a day can many times prove to be overwhelming. Many of us experience lots of stress when they get a sense of not being able to control the events happening in their lives.

Why You Should Not Ignore Exercise (Even When You Are Overwhelm With Work)

At times life happens and you may get a little sidetracked. Family obligations come up, you get held up doing overtime at your workplace or sickness kicks in. in particular overtime at your workplace, some days get a little extreme and these crazy days could stretch for weeks and even months.