The complexity and number of projects that have to be completed in a day can many times prove to be overwhelming. Many of us experience lots of stress when they get a sense of not being able to control the events happening in their lives.

It is for this reason that time management can help you in enhancing your sense of control. All this will depend on how you use your time and how you portion your time.

Regardless of how demanding your job maybe or what your occupation may be, there are many things you can do to help lessen your levels of stress. This also helps you reclaim your sense of control in your job.

Signs Of Job-Related Stress

There are varying indications of job-related stress. This is because people tend to react in different ways to stress. Nevertheless, the most frequent psychological indicators include loss of motivation, inability to concentrate, and lacking the dedication to work as well as low self-confidence.

On an emotional level, some people tend to become more irritable, extra sensitive and have depressive feelings or even become more negative. The combination of emotional and psychological upsets a lot of times show up in physical symptoms. These symptoms may typically consist of headaches, bowel and digestion problems as well as back pain. Your eating patterns might change, the sleeping patterns may change and drug use or drinking alcohol may increase.


1. Have A Balanced Schedule

You need to consider the activities that don’t improve your personal life or career and decrease the amount of time you use on them.

2. Have An Early Start

You may consider leaving for work about 15-30 minutes early. This beats being worn out because of subway breakdowns or a sudden traffic jam on your way to work.

3. Regular Breaks

You should take 10-15 minutes, even during the hectic days for something that will give your energy a boost. Take a walk, go and get yourself a cup of coffee or even just to go up a level to have a short chat with someone in a different department, it will do you a lot of good than to sit at your desk for 8 hours.

4. Have Healthy Boundaries

Many people feel pressured to be accessible 24 hours each day or even obliged to keep glancing at your smartphones for any work-related updates and messages. It’s known as Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). However, it’s essential to have periods where you aren’t working or even thinking about your work. This could mean not taking work calls, checking emails in the evening or on the weekends.


5. Don’t Over-Extend Yourself

It’s too easy to yield to the pressure of saying yes to people whenever they ask something of you. This is what you want to hear, and it makes you feel like you’ve been a good friend, team player, community member you aspire to be. But in reality, when you agree to a lot of things, you run the real risk of lacking the time for the things that are important to you.

6. Prioritize Your Tasks

Have a list of all the tasks. Categorize them into important vs. urgent. Assess value. Then plan tasks based on the estimated effort.

7. Split Projects Into Smaller Steps

Oftentimes when you are starting a large project, it’s easy to get absolutely overwhelmed by the details. Dividing it into smaller projects can help calm you down. This will make it appear less scary, more manageable as well as inspire you to start it.

One last thing, you should take a short break every quarter and a longer break (more than a week) at least once a year. Refresh, rejuvenate or rewind, a break is necessary to ease stress away from your mental, physical and emotional state.

Do you have much better tips to manage your time at your workplace? Please do share with us what do you do to reduce stress or drive it away!


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38 replies on “7 Time Management Tips For Reducing Job Stress

  1. Absolutely amazing…..well researched and clear …..when I was reading it…I kept on liking since everything I relatable….will take suggestions seriously…thanks for the information

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  2. Good advice indeed. I work with Outlook calendar and plan all my activities in their. In the beginning it feels a bit awkward, as if you are not flexible. But structure leads to more free space, I experienced. One extra tip…don’t plan to ‘ tight’. So if you know you need an hour for a task, plan 5 minutes before and 5 minutes behind that hour.
    And keep a hour free, for those always ad-hoc issues coming up 😉

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  3. These are some of the best tips ever. Every morning I start my day with a to-do list, and I make sure that on busy days like Monday or when I decide to do OT I have 10 minutes of pure sunshine, which is proven to boost your happiness. These were really all helpful tips more people need to see this

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  4. GREAT Advice, thanks.

    I always tried to have a plan and work it. Each day I would begin the day with a prayer and a priority plan for the day.

    When we have God in our lives’ stress is less stressful.



    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Patrick. Having a plan for the day helps to put tasks in perspective. And a prayer I believe helps tremendously to have a great start to your day.


    1. Thanks, Kelsey for sharing your insights with us. I’m happy that you find the post useful. I’m always struggling to watch myself from over-extending myself too!


  5. #4 Is so important. The pho e can defenitely weaken boudaries and everything gets hurt as a result. Allow yourself to be fully present in what you are doing. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and welcome to MiddleMe!!! I’m glad you like the article. There are more time management articles in MiddleMe, just input the keywords under search and you’ll find them.


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