Are You a Workaholic like Me?

Every employee knows that if you want to keep your job and achieve your career goals, you will need to work hard to keep up with your company’s demands. It would be best if you were ready to take on more responsibilities and make sure you are always prepared when you are called to help…

What Is A Toxic Workplace?

For most of us, we see our workplace as our second home. We spend a lot of time there and our office mates become our family. However, there are times that your workplace feels like it’s choking you down and you are starting to feel unhappy. If you keep working, your relationships will be at…

Wearing Too Many Hats At Once

I am a mother, daughter, wife, writer, freelancer, career counselor, volunteer all roll into one little me. That’s many hats to wear on one little head!

8 Types Of Work-Related Stress

For every employee, business owner, or head officials, work can stress you out; especially on instances where you are trying to meet a target or you are going to close an important deal.

Guest Post: PROCRASTINATION by Dalriada Highlander

If it takes five minutes, do it right now. You’re putting it off, and in thirty minutes you’ll put it off again, and after thirty more times of putting it off by thirty minutes, it’s time for bed and ultimately your objective is failed. But don’t worry, you’ll do it tomorrow. Procrastinate, I mean. It’s…

7 Time Management Tips For Reducing Job Stress

The complexity and number of projects that have to be completed in a day can many times prove to be overwhelming. Many of us experience lots of stress when they get a sense of not being able to control the events happening in their lives.