If it takes five minutes, do it right now. You’re putting it off, and in thirty minutes you’ll put it off again, and after thirty more times of putting it off by thirty minutes, it’s time for bed and ultimately your objective is failed. But don’t worry, you’ll do it tomorrow. Procrastinate, I mean.

It’s one of the worst, most stressful feelings to procrastinate, because you become more aware of time than ever, and most importantly the sheer lack of it. You’re not a bad person for procrastinating. We work more now than any other time in our recorded history. Even those who were of pure hard labour were given more time off to mend. We have more obligations, commitments, and deadlines than ever before. You’re consistently told you should do more, and for less. By the time you’re twenty, your job requires twenty years experience. By the time you’re forty, they’ll want someone who’s twenty. From the day you are born, you are being shaped to work, and the entry requirements now are astonishing. So you’re not a bad person for feeling like you require more time, less effort. It’s okay to feel that for a day you wish to do absolutely nothing. Time wasted, is not necessarily wasted time. As long as you need it to be.

That is why there are those who say “Work a job that you love and you’ll never ‘work’ a day in your life”, for if you can practice and hone your hobby and it is classed as working to some, then bingo. But unfortunately that process can’t be forced. You have to be one of the lucky ones and hope that your hobby does not become work for you.

See more on doing what you love in life in – WHAT IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT?

During the great depression, Bertrand Russell proposed the idea of the four hour working day to combat this from happening. Think about it, instead of the main focus of your life being to serve your workload, your boss at work, the main focus of the day would be your hobby, the things you actually care about, rather than those things you have to pretend you care about. When you get to the end of your life, you might actually have done that one thing that you “always wanted to do”, purely because you had a reasonable time frame in which to do it in. Whether what Russell proposed would work in practice rather than theory, whether I agree with him to any degree or not, it’s an interesting thought. That we have lived our lives, since the beginning of human lives, dedicated to working. That one paradigm has never changed.

And the frustrating thing about working all of our lives, to achieve greater things, is that no matter how much we work – it will never be completed. There is no limit to us, no limit to life. There is no end goal. We will always need more food, more water, a greater thirst for knowledge, more money to trade, more deals to be made.

No wonder it gets tiring.

If you find you are procrastinating, but you are not lazy, then perhaps you are simply over working yourself and deserve a break. Maybe, the next time you convince yourself to work because you should be, and find that you can’t get anything done, you should take a break. Take time for yourself. To explore yourself, and what it is that you need to wind down.

Otherwise, ultimately you’re achieving nothing of use in your work. You would work more efficiently with a rested mind than you would with a tired one. Waste your time, in whatever way you need to. Time wasted, is not wasted time.

Just ensure that when you actively choose laziness over rest, you must ask yourself a few simple questions, “Should I be doing this?”, “Does it take a couple minutes?”, “Will I be much happier relaxing if I know that it is done?” and finally, “CAN it wait?”. If the answer to two of the first three is yes, then do it. Equally if the answer to the last question is no, just do it. Don’t be mad at yourself for procrastinating, but understand that there IS a time and a place for it.

To procrastinate means you are human, and an overworked one at that. Don’t let yourself or anyone else tell you that you can’t procrastinate every now and then. But the secret to never procrastinating again, the true secret of it all, is – … I’ll get to that tomorrow.

26 replies on “Guest Post: PROCRASTINATION by Dalriada Highlander

  1. Hey Read one of your post on your blog as well & this one too….Loved it…Thanks for asking people not to be overburden & take time for themselves and do what they actually love.

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  2. Our parents and grandparents were told that in the future people would only work a couple of days a week as everything would be so automated. Well the future is here and that hasn’t happened, people work longer hours than ever it seems. But some experts and a few countries have suggested a universal wage; this would help people who have to stay home with caring duties and workers made redundant by robots would not suffer. We would all have lots of time to do creative and community activities and if you wanted extra cash find a little part time job you enjoy.

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    1. I believe it to be an interesting concept.

      It seems redundant to me, the idea of living each day, to work hard, have no time for the self, use the money you worked hard on to buy food and shelter, so that you can live another day, where you work hard, have no time for the self…

      I’m so glad you could take something from the article, even in the form of this interesting thought you commented. Take care.


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    2. I agree with your comment. Especially on we are working much longer hours than before and losing ourselves in the pile of paperwork, buried under unnecessary stress.

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  3. Hmmmm,

    “Rome wasn’t Built in a DAY” {so I’m told”}; but MY mindset is “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what CAN be done today.”

    “Tomorrow is NOT promised.” And will have its own challenges.

    This advice from a professed Classic Over-achiever

    Easter Blessings my friend,

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  4. Since I am a perpetual procrastinator..I truly understand your point. Thank you for reminding me that you can always choose a starting point tommorrow. One must never give up on their dreams😁

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  5. Beautifully written Dalriada. A very meaningful post. Thanks for sharing Kally. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog, the home to many interesting articles and good vibes.

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