Sometime ago, I did mentioned that I’m starting to write a book about freelancing. My first thought was it should be pretty easy since I already have plenty of articles here lined up for me to massage the data and elaborate and dive deeper into each topic. That should serve as a good guideline for me to complete my book, right? I ended up dragging my feet (or more likely, my fingers) to work on my book. 

People who know me for years, knows that I have almost never procrastinate. I always jumped on tasks assigned to me, I always bursting with enthusiasm on any kind of projects. I never say no to a challenge and I love writing. Well, maybe I do sometime procrastinate to get up when it’s a nice rainy day and it’s really hard to get out of bed when I’m all tucked in and comfy.

In fact, the last time I seriously procrastinate was when I am still in school, mugging for my final exams, preferring to surf the TV channels instead of burying my nose into my textbooks. Thank goodness there wasn’t Facebook during that period otherwise I’ll never get any studying done. 

Even when I set aside time and sit myself down in front of my laptop, cleared all my distractions, I’ll find myself wander off to answer another email or write another MiddleMe post or to work on my clients’ assignments. 

It is not as if I have writer’s block on my book. In fact, it’s the opposite. My brain is filled to the brim with ideas. It’s just so hard to pen down my thoughts. It is almost like I am hearing voices in my head but instead of voices, I hear ideas, one after another after another in full speed, crashing through my train of thoughts. Too fast for me to even pen them down before another idea intrude my first idea and I ended up deleting everything I wrote and starting all over again. Anyone facing the same problem? 

I’m not running against any timeline to complete the book but I do want to check it off my list so I can start something else. And I know procrastination is not healthy. I won’t want to start a habit of that. I’ve spoken to some friends and they told me perhaps I hadn’t put my heart down to it. Or maybe I am juggling way too much on my plate right now so it is hard for me to keep my focus on it.

The struggle is very real.

I have my half-assed written work opened on my laptop, always beckoning me to pay attention to it while my eyes keep averting it and my mind making excuses. 

So here I am, once again, in front of my laptop, trying to get myself drafting another page of my book and ended up writing this post instead. Hopefully, after this rant, I can go back to completing at least a paragraph before my attention drift off somewhere less importance and procrastination wins the battle once more.


Any suggestions how I chain my legs to my book?

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61 replies on “I am Procrastinating and I Hate it

  1. Congratulations on your decision to publish a book. I must confess, your blog is filled with useful, wise, and practical advice, and I’m certain your book will be a big hit with its target audience. Once you’ve made a commitment to writing everyday, you’ll find it becomes quite habitual and – like anything else – habits develop into hardwired behaviors. I must tell you, being a professionally published author is the best and most rewarding job in the world, and I don’t happen to believe anyone could ask for a better one.

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  2. Hey Kally, It happens, if you want to really chain yourself doing things you wanted to? Do it only after relaxing your mind, a good sleep and a good book or something that you could feel relaxed. And try writing early morning it really is a nice time to pour all our thoughts neatly one by one. I am no expert. But i often end up deleting my writings because of too much thoughts. Have a great week ✨🤗✍️

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    1. Thank you so much for your tips and encouragement, Simon. Means a lot to me. I can’t write in the morning because I have a little one that just demands my attention all the time. The only time I can sit down and write is during her nap times. Have an awesome week!

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      1. Yes darling go on !!!!! You’ll be happy achieving your daily steps then one day you’ll get on the top and you’ll be very proud of your self❤

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  3. Hey Kally,
    Stopping by after a long time on your side. I read on Wikipedia about strong air pollution in several South Asian countries recently, so I’m hoping you and your family are okay.
    About what you are going through these days, one good thing you did is to write about your feelings straight away. This is something I’m still learning 🙂
    But I tell you that you are not the only one procrastinating. I can relate myself to it also as last year, I decided to start up making videos for my YouTube channel.
    I made some videos, uploaded them up, jotted down ideas for new ones but then, hit the break for no apparent reason. Not that I ran out of ideas or anything, I just didn’t felt the mood. Watching up movies or my favorite TV show on my laptop or more recently, hooking up myself on Twitter and Instagram for long duration, didn’t left with me enough free time for something I really wanted to do.
    But now, I’m going back to it because this is something I love to do.
    Your plate is certainly filled up but you do know what bite is needed to be consumed first when you’re hungry 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

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    1. Hey Hammad! The haze is pretty bad and the little one has been affected by it. She’s coughing and getting sick. Urgh! Means even lesser time for me to write. But all is good now, the skies are clearer and she has stopped her cough.

      I totally feel you. I’m in the same rut as you right now. I just didn’t feel the mood even when the ideas are bursting out of me. Thank you so much for your support and sharing. I know I am going to do it. Soon! Lol.

      Take care, my friend.

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      1. Don’t you dare NOT. Look I sometimes come across books I wrote by hand years and years ago and all the pages are covered in doodles. Plainly that was my process then. I have a diff one now but it does involve procrastination. Then there’s life getting in your face on days you WANT to get on. Your brain gets scrambled and while you force the words, you realise later you did it all wrong. BUT you have the clay to work with. You always get there though. ALWAYS. ( And by the way I beat myself up every day for writing my first published book in 3 months, then editing it in one. But my life then wasn’t how it is now and I know I had reason to pour myself into that book. These factors all come into play.)

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        1. Thank you again for sharing your experiences with me. It is really in my bucket list to publish at least one book and I really would love that the book will be helpful to some. So I’m going to strive on, one step, one day at a time. Eventually, I’ll get there. 😍

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          1. Listen it does not matter if you only write 40 words. That is still 40 words, even if you then red pen 15 of them. All journeys are composed of steps. You don’t take one, you don’t get anywhere. I always say re this biz be kind to yourself. And one of the reasons I say it is because there’s days when it is one step, no more and the last thing to do is give up, or think, never gonna do this, might as well give up. Also you know, it’s quality. I now see lots of writers rushing to fulfil the 3 book deal in 6 months flat and it’s like reading the first book 3 times, or it’s not a patch on work they are capable of. You will get there.

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  4. U agree the struggle is real. I had to come to the conclusion that iI have adopted the habit of not getting my tasks completed because I feel overwhelmed. I mever used to be this way. Working on a better system of getting things done.

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  5. Kally, you’re human after all. LOL. This is meant as a joke and not a snide putdown. Your blog is amazing and your advice is spot-on so it’s hard to imagine you facing procrastination issues. Have you tried an outline to see how you would like to organize your book? Maybe a simple outline or table of contents would allow you to organize your thoughts. If you did it on a spreadsheet, you could easily switch the rows around as you changed your mind on how to organize it. I usually just write and let the organization take care of itself, but since you have several written columns that may form the nucleus of your book, why don’t see decide how you may want to organize the information. It may end how you don’t want to do it, but at least you would have something to build from.

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    1. What a great idea! I shall draw up a guideline now on excel. I bet it’ll help me to focus on each topic instead of keep writing a lump of information.

      Thank you so much for your advice. I do hope one day my book will see the light of the day.

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  6. I’m like you, Kally. I almost never procrastinate. Why do tomorrow what you can do today? But when it comes to writing projects, there is always fear and tremblling, and a moment of two of hesitation, before committing the first word to page.

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  7. Sometimes having the brain filled to the brim can intimidate us with the idea of wear to start or just the overwhelming thought of how do I get it all dowjn on paper.
    It will come to you. When you face the fact that you can only write one page at a time, you will relax and successfully complete your book.
    Best of luck.

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  8. Since you have so many ideas buzzing around in your head, it might be useful for you to start by drafting an outline of the book. What are the chief lessons you’d like to convey or topics you’d like to address? Once you’ve decided that, you can attack those lessons or topics one at a time. It should help focus your thoughts. You can always revise the book, once you have a first draft on paper. Best of luck!


  9. Get yourself someone (maybe even a coach) to set up a plan and hold you accountable. Happy to help by the way 😉 I started to work with a peer and we have meetings regularly and I tell you, it works!

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  10. You are not alone when it comes to sitting down to write and experiencing a blank stare or mind racing on so many different things at once pulling you back in frustrstion.

    Having a young one who demands your attention is yet another distraction from focusing on what you truly want to say.

    My suggestions would be:
    1.) Adjust your writing time when your little diva is asleep.
    2.) Remind and inspire yourself as to why you chose and want to write your book.
    3.) You most likely have an outline, and is so pick one of the chapters or topics that tugs on your heart. IF you do not have an outline, simply make a list of topics or headings of what you want to share and go from there. – Hopskipping around on different topics or chapters is completely acceptable. In the end you will have each one of them done. It doesnt have to ne done in order.
    4.) If you find your mind still scattered, overwhelmed or uninspired here is a calming exercise you can try.

    Place both your hands on your heart. Close your eyes and breathe. Inhale through the nose and Slowly exhale for up to 5 breaths (this activates the patasympathetic nervous system to calm you down).

    Then move your right hand to just below the belly button, keeping your left hand on your heart. When you feel your heartbeat in the belly you will know they are in synch.

    Once in synch with the belly, move your right hand to cover your eyes and do the same.

    Your mind and body should relax…and all you need to do from there – is listen to what your Heart inspires you to write.

    Spirit blessings!

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  11. Your enthusiasm will surely outshine procrastination one day. All the best for your book. You will ace it. And your post is amazing. I feel the best time to drench in writing is now. Bit by bit, leap by leap. 👍😊

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  12. Hi Kally. It is normal to procrastinate every so often. I often find myself in these slumps as well, but they don’t last forever. That book will get written with due time. I know it will! 😀

    By the way, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.🌞 There is no pressure to complete it, but I find that they are fun to do, especially when I’m feeling unmotivated. Here is a link to my questions if you are interested:


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  13. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!

    I was reading a recent article “How can you make wise decisions?”
    It mentioned hastily made decisions can easily turn out to be unwise.
    The passage at proverbs 21:5 confirms when it says “The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want”

    To learn more, please visit

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    1. Thank you! My procrastination only extends to my book writing. Lol! That’s the root of the problem. Great article and I love how the article breaks into small sections. I know those tips too and I have been practicing them in all my tasks.

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