How to Handle One-Way Video Job Interviews

Face-to-face interviews have always been the norm for employers and job seekers who wish to get into the companies they wish to apply for. When an interview is scheduled, the job seeker will be meeting someone from the company, who will assess their worth as a future employee. However, with the improvement in communications in…

7 Ways to Control Your Emotions at Work

Every one of us can get emotional depending on the situations we find ourselves into. Showing emotions lets people know that you aren’t heartless and that you understand what is going on. While this can be good in some occasion, showing emotions or letting your emotions affect you at work can be dangerous. If our…

Guest Post: Why We Should Give Tipped Workers Good Tips

In my country Singapore, tips are never common. One can argue because it has been worked into the bill with the service charge of 10% with restaurants on top of a goods and service tax of 7%. I like to tip when it comes to good services like in a restaurant or a pub or…

SEO Tips For Freelancers

The freelance market has become exceptionally competitive. More and more people are being drawn to the lure of working from home and being their own boss. It’s not hard to see why it would appeal, right? However, if you are to achieve success in the freelance world, you need to master the art of marketing…

7 Time Management Tips For Reducing Job Stress

The complexity and number of projects that have to be completed in a day can many times prove to be overwhelming. Many of us experience lots of stress when they get a sense of not being able to control the events happening in their lives.

Should You Place Your Photo On Your Resume?

Inspired by one of the comments by one of the readers here on hiring discrimination, I’ll like to throw the question out there “Would you place your photo on your resume?”. I know I won’t.

How to Find A Conducive Working Environment Outside of Your Office

While I only work within the confine of my study, I love to write my own articles on the WordPress app when I am outside. Sometimes even bringing my baby in her stroller while I typed words away on my iPhone and sipping my Green Tea (like what I am doing right now).