Success in one’s career is not instant. There will be obstacles which will challenge you and you have to find ways to overcome it. For some, building the right skill set is the way to go. However, with the number of possible skills sets one can learn, which one of them is the best?

Some experts believe that perspective taking is the best life skill that one can develop to achieve success. But, how can it help one achieve success? Here are the things you should know about this skill.

Definition of Perspective Taking

Perspective taking is a skill that allows people to understand another person’s point of view while they think. It then allows people to adjust their reactions and perceptions accordingly.

How is it Different from Empathy?

Considering its nature, some often see perspective taking as a similar skill as empathy. However, empathy deals with being able to relate to another person’s feelings.

Perspective taking, on the other hand, focuses on another person’s insights. If one applies it in a business setting, empathy focuses on showing compassion to another person.

Perspective taking, meanwhile, considers what the rival business is thinking and how they will move next. It is almost like playing chess.

Benefits of Perspective Taking

Perspective taking has many benefits for business.

First, it can help reduce the onset of prejudice and stereotypes in the workplace. Companies will be able to perceive in advance what their employees need and make the workplace more open and diverse.

This life skill can also help negotiators get more from the deal. If they used empathy, they will give out most of their shares. With perspective taking, negotiators will be able to consider their opponent’s interests and improve how they share information with them.

Focusing on this skill would also help teams become more effective. Teammates will think more in depth and look for the best outcome for the project.


However, there are some setbacks to perspective taking which everyone should be aware of.

First of all, not everyone can be accurate when it comes to how well they estimate what other people think. There are many factors which can affect a person’s estimate of another person. If you make a wrong estimate, it can mean a huge loss for the business. Assumptions without facts are never good.

Information can also be inaccurate, especially from new clients who would like to test your business. However, there are also people who just provide inaccurate information unconsciously.

Incomplete Data

There are several factors which influences a person’s mindset and you simply cannot guess all of them.

Some of these factors may be connected to one’s childhood and may have been forgotten by the person.

One’s upbringing and mood can also affect one’s perspective and influence how they decide on a specific day.

So when one is perspective taking, it can never provide the full information needed to make a informed decision however, it gives you enough ground to spend time and effort to dive deeper and gather facts.

Improving Your Perspective Taking Skills

We all have some degree in perspective taking but there are always ways to improve in this area.

Debates, for one, is a great way to challenge yourself to think quickly on what your opponent is going to argue next and counter with a rebuttal.

As mentioned earlier in this post, playing chess is also a good method to guess your opponent’s next move and constantly improvise your strategy on point.

Openminded and open-ended discussions is a great way to expose yourself to different opinions on the same subject. You may be surprised that one single issue may have hundreds different view points!


There is no perfect skill that will guarantee success each time it is used. However, skills like perspective taking can definitely help you know how to read others and understand how to reach the best compromise.

With some effort, you will be able to get the outcome you need to succeed in your career.

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  1. You say the most important thing. You must learn to understand the other person’s point of view. This is an important skill, acquired through experience and practice.
    best regards

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