How To Eliminate Gender Bias In The Workplace?

Gender discrimination is a very controversial topic in today’s society, especially in the workplace.

Women, in particular, are affected by this gender discrimination the most as they get lower wages, fewer job opportunities and treated unfairly. As a result, female workers often resign from their jobs and cause companies to lose excellent talents.

Fortunately, with people now calling for equality, changes are now being introduced to stop gender bias.

Want to help make a friendly workplace for your workers/co-workers and prevent discrimination? Here are ways on how you can end gender bias in the workplace:

  1. Change of Recruitment Strategy

Check your job advertisements and placements to see if they are written with gender-neutral adjectives. You should also consider changing the interview process by randomly selecting CVs and not sort them based on gender.

When evaluating applicants, they should be done using blind evaluation. This will ensure that the right applicant is selected based on their skills and potential and not because of their gender.


  1. Review Salary Pay

Salary is often a major point of an argument by people against gender bias. For women, in particular, they sometimes get lower salary even if they have the same position as males do.

When you are recruiting, make sure that your salary pay scheme is decided based on one’s experience and achievements. You must also take into consideration how well the candidate negotiated their pay scheme.

  1. Offer Training Against Bias

Sometimes, employees can make a faux pas by accident which can lead to bias. Hold special workshops to help employees know about their unconscious biases and teach them was on how to avoid them.

Workshops also should be on a regular basis too, not just during orientation.

  1. Enforce a Clear Anti-Discrimination Policy

To give everyone a friendly workplace, create a policy against discrimination. Open channels for employees to report any acts of gender discrimination in the workplace.

Make sure that each action has an equal penalty, especially for sexual harassment and discrimination. Also, the instructions have to be loud and clear. Nothing is vague when it comes to anti-discrimination policy.

  1. Offer Flexible Working Options

Try changing things up on how you can review employee performance by introducing flexible working options. See how well they perform when they are at home and how fast they will deliver.

Opening these options can greatly benefit new parents, as well as workers who are taking care of their older family members.


  1. Support Women Achievement

Even women have the capacity to succeed in their chosen field and it is up to the company to recognize it.

If your female workers manage to exceed expectations, give them the rewards that they deserve like a promotion or a pay raise. You can also offer training and career seminars for women to help them learn more about their career.

In Summary

Combatting gender bias and discrimination may take a long while before it is gone completely. But, companies can make a step towards this goal by making small steps to make everyone feel welcome.

So, as early as today, change your company’s work culture and make it a friendly one with the help of the tips above.

Do you have better suggestions? We welcome all thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

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  1. mobiuswolf says:

    I was going to suggest covering them all with trash bags, but you’d still be able to see their shoes. ;o)

    Nice job covering that, Kally. errrr unintentional pun, sorry.


    1. mobiuswolf says:

      Hey, how’s minime? I was offline so long, she must be tall as you by now.


  2. Good post. It’s weird to think in this day and age it still goes on, but it does.


  3. Most times during my days in the Corporate World, I would work to be in the Top 5, with many Females as part of that Top 5 Club. If by chance someone has a problem with a female, needs to find another venue to hone their craft. If Management has a problem with a Gender needs to start wearing the shoes that the competition wears. One of the problems may be that there is a feeling that curtails the existence of being successful. Does feeling have a bearing on compensation?


  4. tom says:

    While suggestions have merit, some risk inherently disadvantaging males.


  5. myraho78 says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Kally.


  6. msw blog says:

    What a great post to raise awareness on a real issue in the workplace. You and our readers may enjoy this post on the topic

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    1. Kally says:

      Thank you! I love your post too.

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