Time for a break!

When you read this, I am on a zero wifi, zero mobile signal retreat. It is mid of the year, a gentle reminder if you haven’t booked a trip for a break, you should really do so now.

I’ll be leaving for a wonderful place called Bagus Place at Tioman where their unique selling point is they advocate technology free so we can truly rest our mind and stretch our toes. If you really want to see the view I am enjoying right, go visit this website: www.bagusplace.com.

This break is important to me as I’ve been writing for almost a year now, in addition to now operating two full-fledged websites on top of my freelancing jobs and managing my clients. So it’s the sun, the sea and the sand in between my toes.

So for the next week, there won’t be any articles from me due to the break. But if you missed me too much, you’re welcome to pop by LadyRedot for some of my travel articles! I will also feature some of my old articles during this period here so if you haven’t read it, it will be a nice surprise for you!

My next new post will be on 13 June Monday! I look forward to providing the best career articles to you all soon!

Until then, remember to book yourself your summer break! If you need inspiration where to go, check out Ladyredot.com!



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  1. Nasuko says:



  2. Enjoy your break — you deserve it!! 🙂


  3. r_prab says:

    Great! Blissful time! 🙂 Will be eager to hear ur xperience!


  4. Patty says:

    Enjoy your break! See you in about a week again 🙂 X


  5. I do that as well. I go to this sleepy little town called Navsari where you can enjoy century old temples, eat at decades old restaurants and meet simple people and live simple tech-less life for a while.


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