Take A Break!

It’s middle of the year, you have accumulated at last first half-year of leave. I have come up with 3 very valid reasons (not excuses) for you to take your leave without feeling guilty. Alternatively, you can show this article to your superior when he or she rejects your leave!

heart-772634_6401. The Heart
Do you have the passion in what you do at work? I have encountered people who are good at their job but unable to move up in their skills for the lack of passion. Quoting one of my friends who is a teacher in college “After seven years of teaching youth, I realized that I have shrunk in my ability to think further than my next paycheck. Almost everyday, I dragged myself to work and stared in front of my mirror, asking myself why am I doing this?”

You may have the excitement when starting out a new career but excitement does not last long, it’s the passion that carries you through the bad and the worse times in your career. With passion, you will never cease to push yourself just a bit further every single day as hard as it might be.

So take a break and relook your options again. Earnestly asking yourself what is it you enjoy doing and see if the same passion can be replicated in your job.

mindset-743165_6402. The Brain
Are you growing too tired everyday to face new challenges and do you drag yourself home every night, only to go straight to bed after a quick instant meal? Over the weekend, do you groan at the never-ending pile of work growing by the minute?

Then you need a break. When I feel that I am mentally tired and drained, couldn’t find the space (not even a tiny bit) in my brain to come up with something new at work, I know it’s time for a mental retreat. I usually will take a 3 days break and escape to the nearest beach and do nothing but laid back in the sun with a refreshing glass of juice. I think of nothing, I plan of nothing. Just allowing myself drift in and out of sleep. It works for me as I always come back to work, rejuvenated and gearing to counter any obstacles.

With your brain working half the speed it suppose to work, even with expertise knowledge in your head, you won’t be able to optimize the situation and conquer the tasks at hand.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.52.24 am3. The Body
The mind is willing, the heart is gearing but the body is saying no? Do you keep falling sick? Doctor after doctor, pills after pills nothing seems to get your health back into tip-top condition again.

You may be physically exhausted. Check on your daily routine if you are overwhelmed at your work and in personal life. Is there a change in your life that is tiring you out or worrying you that you couldn’t get a good night sleep?

When Janet* came back from maternity leave, she was not as radiant or happy as new mums can be. Instead, she is tired all the time and couldn’t keep up with the new changes at our company. This is so unlike Janet, the power woman, the career minded go getter. Priorities might have changed since she had a new daughter but this wasn’t her first child.

After a while, she realize it’s because she couldn’t cope with two children and she is also recently pregnant with the third. But the realization came a little too late when she made a significant mistake at work and was reprimanded with a warning letter. Since then, she has engaged a maid and her mother has moved in with her to help out.

So constantly evaluate yourself and your well-being, remaining in best conditions will not only let you perform the best in your work but also allow you to enjoy your personal life as well. If you need to take a break, never feel guilty about asking for leave. Managers know we are not robots and even we are, machines need their regular maintenance and oiling too!

I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy getting feedback from you. Please do drop a remark below or contact me at kally@middleme.net.


Have an amazing weekend!


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  1. You write well 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kally says:

      Thank you!!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 😉

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Bea dM says:

    Looking after heart, mind and body are a must. Not everyone can afford a great vacation, but even if you have to stay home, you can find relaxing new things in your town or even day trips. The point of a break is also to break your routine

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  3. Parveen Sabharwal says:

    Well written Kelly and the blue water is inviting me to take a dip and relax for a week

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  4. jlfatgcs says:

    Kally, you are so right. Whenever to feed the brain, heart, and body, great things can happen. Or, at least you will feel great. Both are a win. -Jennie-

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  5. reocochran says:

    Kally, such great reminders! I am”on vacation” at myMomsseniorapartments and is nice to spend time with her. It is also stressful though! Hugs, Robin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      Big hugs, Robin! I hope you are enjoying your vacation!


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