If you are feeling trapped right now, it might be because your job just doesn’t suit you. Perhaps you were just never cut out to work in an office day in and day out. Not everyone is, and there are many people who would be happier and far better off if they pursued a career outside the confinements of those four walls. It’s time to start thinking outside the office box and consider choosing a career you could really enjoy.

Careers On The Go


There are plenty of careers where you’ll have the opportunity to work on the go. For instance, you could become a travel blogger. As a travel blogger, you’ll be able to visit a wide range of different places, explore new cultures and write all about your experiences. Eventually, writing about your experiences will lead to you finding interest from not just readers but advertisers too. This is how bloggers make money from their skill and passion.

Or, you might want to think about becoming a PR agent. As a public relations agent, you will work to represent a company or organization to the press. The scope of your travel in this position will depend on the company you choose. However, you will certainly be out every day meeting new people, charming them and hopefully winning them over.

There are so many other careers that you can explore out in the open world. But you should understand that this won’t be like a typical job.

Constantly On The Move


Most of these careers won’t leave you in the same place for very long at all. This will probably lead to a readjustment of how you think about work and your career. This will alter everything from your business attire to the typical separation of your job and your spare time. For instance, rather than getting a briefcase, you’ll need to find a decent business backpack. This is going to make traveling around more comfortable. As well as this, if you’re working as a travel writer, you might not stop just because it’s the weekend. You need to be prepared for a completely different work schedule.

Job Security


You may not have it. A lot of the jobs that are based outside the office are mainly setup with freelance contracts. Or, you could be working for yourself, completely independent. In cases like this, you’ll be your own boss, and this can be quite refreshing although it certainly comes with a lot of responsibility.

Again, this will impact your lifestyle. You will have to be prepared for downtime in demand where you may not be getting as much work as you are used to. However, if you are constantly thinking ahead, you can plan for these occurrences effectively.

So, is it time for you to escape the clutches of that hot and stuffy office? If you’re prepared for the challenges of a career in the outside world, it just might be. Many people find that once they leave the office, they feel less stressed and more free. The question is, are you ready to take this kind of step?

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7 replies on “Time To Escape The Office?

    1. Yes, I know. But job security and fixed monthly pay can be reached if you have long term regular clients. I have quite a few freelancing clients that have been giving me regular work since the day I started as a freelancer 2 years ago.

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  1. Honestly, I do want to jump into another space but there are so many constraints I’m hooked up to. Won’t be a easy decision for me to just say those two words and step out of my office. Have to do plenty of in-depth thinking before such act.


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