Getting stuck in a job that no longer inspires or stimulates you is nothing new. In past decades, you would have been expected to just stick it out and be grateful that you had an income. Workers usually chose a career for life and that was that. Millennials are far less likely to accept this. They have been raised to expect a fulfilling career where they feel they are doing some good both for themselves and for society. They also want to feel valued and appreciated. So, if your job is no longer ringing your bell, get on with finding a new one by following this manifesto.


Make some preparations

It is not a good plan to throw your resignation letter onto your boss’s desk on a whim. Prepare the ground first by deciding exactly what you will do next. Talk to people about their jobs and how you can get opportunities. Read and research carefully the areas that interest you. Volunteer in the sectors that you are considering. They may not be as great as you first thought! Educate yourself and equip yourself with the skills that you will need. If you work in healthcare there is plenty of nurse practitioner education that you can access and the same is true for education and the service sectors.

Don’t procrastinate

So many people talk about changing careers but keep putting it off. One day it is going to be too late so put a plan in place and stick to it. Set yourself a timetable of achievable goals which culminates in you obtaining the new dream job. It could be in months or it could be in years. The important thing is that you have a plan.

Provide a safety net

Changing career can be a financial gamble. If you are up to your eyes in debt it may be a risky thing to do. Try to have some contingency plans in place in case it does not work out. A nest egg would be useful! Don’t burn your bridges with your old colleagues or your old industry. It would be nice to know that the door would be open should you decide to return.

Consider working for yourself

Perhaps the job is not what is getting you down. Perhaps you have simply had enough of trying to please a boss. The obvious plan here is to have a go at being your own boss. This is something that you can safely build up in your own time before you actually hand in your notice. You can work hard in your new venture at weekends and in the evenings. If you love it you will not resent the time you are spending on it.

Set up a website, get some business cards printed and get yourself out there. Once your enterprise is making some money or at least shows the potential of doing so, you can quit the 9 to 5 and focus on your new venture.

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