From time to time, I get comments from fellow readers that asked me how do I manage to write work related or career-related articles for so long and at such a frequency. This is especially when I am an active freelancer and a new mother as well.

My only answer is that if you do something with a passion, regardless whether it is your hobbies or your work, you find joy and satisfaction in it. That makes it tireless. Your time and effort are worthwhile. Different people find delight in various subjects.

I have plenty of interests and passion in life, other than just work, freelancing and career. I love to travel, read and is an obsessive second-hand book collector/hoarder. I am passionate about helping animals especially abandoned ones in shelters and homes. These are the broad topics that I can easily write about, but these topics are also widely written by others.


Some love writing about gardening while others rejoice in photography. I did not choose to write about careers just because I am a boring person or it a niche subject. I did it because I have been doing it for years as a manager, dishing out advice after advice, helping people realising their potentials are as limited as they allow themselves to be. The ceiling is only as high as you set your sights to be. Sharing out my perspective and mentoring are my passion. Being successful is not elusive to me alone, many have done it much better than I did but I feel completed and satisfied whenever I see someone I have mentored achieve a higher success than I did.

Many of us often pursue our interest outside of our work, during our rest days. With the intent to enrich our lives. However, we don’t do much of that in our work, and that is a pity. We spent so much time at our desk, and yet we want so little in exchange for our time. What I like to show to others is that you can bring your passion to work, to integrate what you feel strongly about whether it is a mission or it is a hobby in your daily work. Something you feel so strongly about will always be a success. If you love photography, volunteer to help out to take photography for your next company’s event. If you are a great writer, join ranks with the communications department.


If there is truly none, consider making your next career move all about integrating your passion in your job and not all about the ka-ching you receive every month. You’ll be happier, gain more satisfaction and love to wake up every morning to go to work just because you know you will be doing something you love and worthwhile.

Happy Hunting!

Do you agree with the above? Can you think of ways integrating your passion with your current work? Share with us in comments below.

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16 replies on “Writing with Passion

  1. I love this, and I love that you’re so passionate in assisting and mentoring others.. I think I’ve learned something new in each of your posts that I’ve read! As an author, I strive to find uplifting and informative blogs. Consistancy such as yours is very appreciated 😊. .. oh and congrats on being a new mommy too!! Isn’t parenthood the best!?!

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Didi!! I always try my best to share my experiences through my words and hopefully someone will learn a tip or two. I’m still learning to become a mother.. I’m very lucky that my 4 months old love to sleep all the time, giving me enough time to write.

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  2. So agree with this, Kally. You wrote this piece with such passion. I think so long as we find joy and purpose in what we are doing, that will grow on us. Sometimes we find our passion by trying out new things, like take on that new project at our ‘boring’ job and that project can make us fall in love with our job. Or it could be said, trying other things and developing our passions further by volunteering. For me, holding down a steady job and ka-ching is important to a certain extent because it allows me to do my passions outside work – for instance buying new photography equipment, travel and indulge in music concerts 😀

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    1. Haha. Have you ever thought to find a job tying down your 3 loves – photography, travel and music concerts? That way you’ll have your passions inside work.


      1. When I’ve freelanced, I’ve found that I can’t always write my own opinion. While it would be cool to write for a living (i.e. writing for an organisation), they will have a perspective I need to adhere to and some of the copyright my go to them. But, I’ve not ruled that out.

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        1. If you want to generally write with your terms, you can but you’ll need to build up a following and a strong reputation. Instead of knocking on the doors, have the publisher knocking on yours because you are an influencer. That way you can state your own terms like keeping your writing style, refusing to take on topics that you do not believe in. I have a couple of friends did this way and they ended up writing for big publications with them being pursued instead of pursing them.

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