Dear Kally,

You are full of wisdom so I’d like to pick your brain and hopefully, you can shine some light in my situation.

You see, I have recently graduated with good grades. While they aren’t awesome grades, I’m pretty sure I can land myself a good job. Until this pandemic mess happened.

Now, everyone around me, my classmates, my friends are struggling to find anything remotely suitable. Some of them are lucky enough to land part-time jobs with companies they previously interned with. But most of us are just stuck with either doing odd jobs like filling in someone’s place as a waiter.

While I don’t actually need a job financially, unlike some of my classmates who need work to support their families or to pay off their student loans. My student loan is actually been pretty much paid for and the rest have been deferred by the bank until the end of this year. I am still staying with my parents and I’m not in a hurry to move out, neither are they kicking me out yet.

My parents asked me if I would like to pursue masters or another degree instead. They don’t think the pandemic will end this year and I won’t be able to get a decent job anyways. If I’m sitting at home applying for jobs after jobs, I might as well go and take another course.

Do you think my parents are right? Should I study further or should I go and find a job?

Please advice.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Truly,
Matthew P

Hi Matthew,

Congratulations on your graduation!

Really seem that you are at a crossroad here. But the fortunate part is that both options look feasible and good for you.

If you choose to further study, you don’t need to join the rest of your cohort rushing to get a job once any restrictions are eased up. Your parents are wise to foresee that this year does look bleak for our graduating classes.

Even as that is pointed out, please don’t study for the sake of avoiding entrance to the workforce now. Study only because you have a genuine interest to learn. Each course will set you back at least two years and you don’t want to be stuck at something you have no passion in. You probably will end up dropping the course midway especially when the economy recovers and job opportunities open up.

If you choose to look for work instead, you need to adjust your expectations. As you are a graduate, any kind of work experience will benefit you. However, don’t be quick to jump into any company that is willing to hire you.

Look carefully at how the company is going to shape you towards your dream job or if the job you applied for is even slightest related at what you want in a career. While beggars can’t be choosers, you don’t want to be stuck in a dead-end job especially as you mentioned you don’t need to work for money now. So choose wisely.

A third wise choice is to shop around for your job but take short courses at the same time. Firstly, you won’t tie yourself to an intensive course that you need to commit for a long time. So this means you will be able to jump right in when an opportunity arises. Secondly, you won’t be wasting time at home either. You can be freelancing or taking odd jobs to add on to your job experiences. This is like having the cake and eating it too!

I hope I have given you enough to consider your next step. Do count your blessings that your parents are around to support your dreams. And don’t forget that volunteering can be counted towards job experience as well. There is plenty of charities and welfare group that will be glad about an extra pair of hands.

Good luck with your chosen path.


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28 replies on “A Word of Advice: Graduation Crossroads

  1. I fully agree with your advice “study only because you have a genuine interest to learn”. Going to college and/or pursuing advanced degrees just to make more $ or to try and live up to others’ expectations will only lead to disappointment. Nice post Kally! By the way if someone can land a job they enjoy during a down economy (whatever the reason may be), they will have a big advantage when the economy turns around.

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    1. Thank you, Rainey. I heard too many stories on how someone who studied to become a lawyer/ doctor/ engineer, only end up resigning their jobs in their mid 40s to pursue something they enjoy. That is just too much time wasted in doing something you don’t love at all.

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  2. For Matthew, you are so blessed to have parents who dont push you away to find job immediately and support them .as i mom myself, i think pursuing further study is the best option at the moment..

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  3. It’s great that you have the options and Kally’s advice is good. However, I wouldn’t rule out more studying especially if you choose to study something you love. That way you’ll enjoy it more and will probably attain good grades, My sons’ got a favourite saying of theirs from their grandfather: If you don’t know what to do (i.e. workwise), keep studying. And between them, they now have 8 degrees, 2 masters and 1 PhD. They both work in the medical field and the eldest was invited to work at the university in San Diego – he’s going into his third year there.

    Again, even it is voluntary work, try to choose a job that interests you. You’ll obviously have to do your research on what the jobs entail, the company and their culture, mission, values, vision, ethics and so on.

    Just my tuppence worth 🙂

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  4. I think your advice “please don’t study for the sake of avoiding entrance to the workforce now. Study only because you have a genuine interest to learn. ” is spot on, and option three would be beneficial, as it will also help cover any holes in this induvial resume

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  5. Great advice! It’s going to be scary for a lot of young people ready to enter the workforce now, but I hope they find ways to make spaces for themselves or to make themselves so valuable that even employers facing troubled times take notice.

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  6. Well, I just wrote a blog on advice! Most advice is bull to me but I found you give some sound advice! Keep up the good work and always follow good advice!

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