Everyone has dreams. But not everyone is lucky enough to live their dreams. Or is it?

Do you fight for your dreams? Or do you downsize your dreams until they are practical? Or do you give up on your dreams totally?

Here we have the talented James who wrote a beautiful piece on chasing our dreams and desires. This piece made me think hard and deep on if I have fulfilled all my dreams. I’m pretty satisfied with my answers. I know I have achieved my major goals, the rest of the smaller goals are tangible.

How about you?

One day when I was young I wanted to be all kinds of people to fulfill a dream set by a young boy. On how many worlds does this happen can anyone really know the answer ? In some senses we allowed our youthful energy and enthusiasm to carry us away into all sorts of adventures. Maybe, this was what we were designed to be like learning and listening to what our souls and hearts wanted to chase. As we slowly played with toys and games was one way all of us learned certain things. Have you ever thought what if that experience was not real and we just imagined it all. Like falling asleep and never waking until we suddenly became thirty years old. Would we have learned anything in an osmosis state of mindless nothingness ? But, needless to say a day never went by that our minds never stopped creating all types of desires once we got older. Then again, maybe being a kid forever would have been better than growing up in our world. Chasing our dreams is what made our world this way as we all fulfilled our up most desires in this challenge.

Perhaps you could think of other life forms out in the untold universes and galaxies across and past our Milky Way Galaxy. I do know with out any doubts that life exists out there hiding among the stars that twinkle at us all night long. Besides all the sightings since way back in the 1880’s or earlier. You can find pictures of UFO’s just by searching the internet. What else are we going to look up on these spring like days. It has been a dream of mine since I was a kid to be astronaut but alas I chased other dreams. Those dreams were worth every effort each night some times rolling over and over while we slept. Now that as age gracefully into the golden age of being able to think what I want well, I enjoy seeing those UFO’s in the skies. One only has to read my blogs to see my mind wander wildly as I set it free while I create stories. I do think that some beings on other planets want to have the experience of flying across the universes to explore. Maybe, one day we will all have one of those extraterrestrial moments one we will never forget. For now I will just allow my thoughts to cross that vast distances between planets and stars in outer space. In Greek mythology Icarus made wings glued together and flew to close to the sun and learned the hard way. Maybe he should have flown in the opposite direction where is was colder, eh ? Who knows now ? Maybe, Icarus could have seen some form of life out there in space. I do really truly enjoy writing stories about aliens and their arrivals in our world some where. I do like to just feel the rush of seeing UFO’s when I was younger. I do believe they still cruise through earth’s atmosphere all the time. And that the astronauts on the ISS had to have seen these flying ships many times over.

Now, here is a short story about chasing my dreams. Can you imagine just having an untold dream shoved your way ? This is what took place on the planet Relvyke the Kmuz’ts were born here many eons ago they say. Relvyke was way, way out in the Vela Hemithea Galaxy. Needless to say perhaps it was hundreds of light years from any where. One young Kmuz’ts boy was out helping his parents to raise Kemobroox; which they sold for other food stuff they required for the family. While sitting on a huge piece of space junk he dreamt that it would be stupendous to be able to fly around these stars he looked at high above his head. Yet, he knew his planet had no ability to go fulfilling his dreams let alone explore this idea. One day he felt he could be the one to adjust his planets thoughts to go exploring space. He kept his mind on this concept each and everyday he was out with the Kemobroox. Maybe, he would be a little tired if not keeping his mind on being a hero returning home one day from cruising about the stars and meeting life on other planets. Pretty big thoughts for such a young boy his age. Yet, he yearned to be able to create a space machine building company here on Relvyke. He did not want to be a herder of these huge animals his entire life. His soul wanted more than this and he wanted to make his world proud of his achievements in space flight. This young boy’s name was Vravex. Chasing dreams was his life now and nothing would dissuade him. Each day every year he kept holding that dream in his mind and soul. He knew chasing dreams was the only way to get off this flying rock in space into more excitement and success. One day Vravex did achieve his dream and formed his planets first space enterprise company.

See, as long as we do not give on our dreams they can be achieved. If Vravex can do this we can also. Dreams are what our lives are made of so just chase them and never tire out. Have fun and let your imagination run wild across the heavens and back. Then smile and say you gave life it’s all it asked of.

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25 replies on “Guest Post: Chasing Dreams

  1. It was nice reading about fulfilling dreams, but societal standards and their pressures contorts our childhood dreams.

    Sigh. From believing that we are gonna be a jungle explorer, we became the typer crouched behind the computer in a shabby office. nonetheless, we mustn’t let loose of our aims.

    keep up the good work, kally!

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  2. Thank you for this post. For me dreams are part of what forms the gravity that pulls me into both the future and areas of contemplation. Dreams indicate possibilities and direction. For me the most important thing about dreams is the perspective that they are dreams and not present reality, while keeping in mind that they are a future could be!

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