21 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 29 March

  1. Hi little one! How’s the princess? Giving you a run for your money? I been busier than a bee making honey for all of us. I finally came up to the reality of the present cybernetic world for what I am reading lately about PageBuilder. Never paid mind to all the fluff about it until now.

    SiteOrigin gifted me a premium support for one year, and? After a while? I woke up to the value of their gift. I am now beginning to handle PageBuilder almost like a pro, only I got long way to go, but!

    Take a look! An opportunity to express my own unique call in life. It’s all part of the Father/Creator’s plan for my life. You can now read the Book for free in a very especial arrangement. How you like it? Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂


    1. Thia, you are awesome!

      Yes, the little one has been keeping me super busy. I missed your messages!! How are you doing? And your family too? You are such an inspiration to us that you kept on learning new things everyday.


  2. I Loved the advice: “NEVER HOPE MORE THAN YOU WORK”

    The Theological Virtues are Faith, Hope and Love; and I can see these as essentials of the work place.

    We have to have faith in our selves and our abilities
    We must Hope for, and then WORK for our goals
    We must LOVE what we do

    May God continue to guide our paths

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    1. I love your quote as well. Particularly about having faith in yourself and your abilities and we must love what we do. Too many people slog for most of their lives for money and not for their passion.

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