What is the One Thing Your Company did that Made You Resign?

Companies often imposed strict policies for the well-being of the profits and of course, other employees. However, there are times where policies make no sense and may be even selfish. I had some of my friends and close  acquaintances dishes out the things their ex-companies did that made them throw in their letters and walked….

Relocation Blues I’m Having Right Now

Relocation is an exciting move to a new country or places whether it is due to a new job in the family that requires you to move or seeking out a new life in a totally different locality. I have moved twice in the past 6 years, both to China and Malaysia (where I’m residing…

Signs That Your Job is Making You Seriously Depressed

Work depression can hit anyone at any given moment. Recently, one of my friends was diagnosed with depression derived from work-related stress. Fortunately for him, his employers were alerted to his displayed signs of depression and managed to convince him to seek help immediately.

A Word Of Advice: I Hide My Depression

Dearest Kally, I’ll go straight to the point. I’m someone who is diagnosed with a clinical depression. While I don’t want to go into details on my illness, I do identify my need to seek help.

A Word Of Advice: I’m Scare Jobless

Dear Kally, Thank you for the encouraging quotes that I have been receiving in my email. I always look forward to your weekly wisdom and your stories. I’m in deep trouble. Before I go on further, I want to thank you for taking time to listen to my troubles. I really need a platform to…

Whisper: Living A Lie To Keep My Job

*As told to Kally anonymously I am getting married in a month’s time and I should be happy but I’m not. I am downright miserable and there is nothing me or my fiancé can do anything about it. You see, I met my future husband in the current company I worked in. He is the…