Many of you have become more than just mere readers and side audience but friends and inspirational role models to me. Two weeks ago, I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday when it strikes me that you have been following MiddleMe since I started freelancing 2 and a half years ago.


You have been with me when I was struggling to build my website and my reputation as a freelancer while missing my corporate status and the financial freedom that goes with it. You have been through with me as I was pregnant, struggling to make sense as a new mother and now celebrating my survival of a one-year parenthood.

So as much as we are shouting hooray at my daughter’s transition from newborn (sob!) to a toddler, I’m shouting hooray and being grateful for your commitment to MiddleMe as well.

Thank you for being such a wonderful follower and a great friend. MiddleMe’s success is all because of your encouragement, your likes and you taking time to share your thoughts, feelings and comments with everyone here. Thank you for making this website a success.

Thank you.

Using this post as a platform here, I want to share what I hope to achieve in 2018. I left off in 2017 fulfilling my resolutions but one major area left me unsatisfied – volunteering. I reached out my writing services to some of the welfare organizations but only one replied – mostly because I am involved in that organization in the first place as a member. I will continue to reach out to more welfare organizations in 2018 but if you are a part of or involved in welfare organizations, please reach out to me via email at I love to explore on how I can volunteer my writing services.

Approaching the end of 2017, I realized that as my little diva is growing, her needs for my attention and time is increasing as well. Making my priorities about her and giving back to society, I have gradually decreased my clienteles in my freelancing work, only taking up meaningful assignments only if it gives me the exposure I want. So in the past, I’ve been jumping in on any opportunities as long as it challenges me. Moving forward, I’ll be selective in my assignments so I’ll be more focus on 3 aspects: My Daughter, Volunteerism and MiddleMe.

Now as for MiddleMe, I’m paving way for more collaboration with you, my followers. I love what I am doing here with my friend, David. His affiliate program is awesome and I love being involved with anyone who is starting out their business. If you need a personal trainer to get you back in shape, you know where to find him!

So if you like to collaborate with me, just do a shout out or drop me an email. I’m hunting down for good guest posts centralized on career, freelancing and business so if you have a good post and want to gain some exposure in MiddleMe, I welcome all enquires.

With more than 3000 of us here, I’m very much motivated to grow the readership base so as to benefit more people with the tips and tricks to improve their work life. My Instagram following is increasing and if you love Weekly Wisdom, you should be on my Instagram.

There you have it, my 2018 resolutions. Here’s to a much brighter and cheerful year!


Ps. I’ll love to have a quieter year if someone would just send me some earplugs….!!!!! Sigh… Little diva is at the stage where she loves to test the strength of her lungs and the limits of her parents.

55 replies on “Oh Wow, How Time Flies!

    1. Haha. Thank you. I’ll know when I get there. Right now, she’s already driving me batty with me chasing her around the house as she tries to climb the bed/couch/table…. she send her sloppy kisses to you!

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    1. Yipeee!!!!! I know you can’t wait to hold the little diva, for me as a parent, I can’t wait to offload my little diva to her grandparents so I can have some rest. Have an awesome time playing with her. You’ll love her babbling words.

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  1. Many congratulations Kally on your little diva’s 2nd birthday and to your professional success. Even though time is flying like a jet, moments like these make us feel the true importance of having a family and friends around.
    You did great, you are doing great and I know you will be doing great. It’s not always about the quantity but quality and since you are juggling little diva, MiddleMe and your volunteerism at the same time, the more effort your put on quality, the better it is.
    And you know it better than me, right? πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much, Hammad. It’s actually her 1st birthday. Haha. Appreciate your encouragement. I think I’m a born juggler. I doubt I can sit still and handle only one task. Meant to be on feet and always multitasking all my life, I guess. Little one send her sloppy kisses!

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  2. Congrats, Kally, on reaching that all important 1st year birthday; and still with all your faculties… πŸ™‚
    I wish you all the best with your 2018 intentions. Here’s to another successful year!

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  3. Oh no! I am getting old 😦 Can’t remember if I congratulated you on your dear diva-but-sweet-girl Audrey?
    And now I am wondering about something else too…didn’t I read sometime last year (of was it the year before) you also have another website…what about that one, does it still exist?
    Will send you an email this week, have some personal updates to share πŸ˜‰
    Big hug, XxX


    1. Haha. You have good memory if you recall I have another website! It’s and some of my travel stories are featured there. It’s a collaboration between me and a good friend. Looking forward to your email!

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  4. Happy Birthday to the little one and well done for being a parent for a year. Time does fly , I do remember you letting us know you are pregnant…. yesterday. Well done and congratulations to you and Middle Me. It is so helpful and interesting. Keep it coming Kally and thank you!

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  5. Happy Birthday to your little one! The time only goes faster and faster the older they get. My “baby’s” 12th birthday is today! Don’t ask me how that happened already! It’s hard to believe that I met you back in October of 2015 when you noticed my tiny blog. Thank you for your career advice over these years. It’s been a fun ride πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, Lisa! You must have your hands full, your little one is turning to a teenager! Oh my, how time flies! Yes, it’s been a fun ride but it’ll get even better! 😘😘😘 thank you so much for your support. You are one of the very few who support me since the start. You’re my pioneer!

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  6. I am not sure if you’re part of the world has it, but in my part of the world there are two great programs. One called Workforce, the other called Dress for Sucess. They both focus on helping individuals find employment. I think you will be amazing help me write cover letters and resumes and boosting all around confidence.

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  7. Hope your little Audrey continues to be a source of light and happiness for you, Kally. That is a beautiful cake and lovely continuation of 2017’s goals. Blessings sent your way! πŸŒˆπŸ•Š 🌟

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  8. Oh.. happy birthday to her… I love kids and this post is just.. ❀️❀️.. 😊.. Have a great motherhood,hope your child live a memorial life.all the best☺️☺️

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