Time to Kick Away those Bad Work Habits for 2019

Tick Tock.. Tick Tock!

Everyone has that awful bad work habit that we need to nip in the bud. This start of a new year, instead of coming up with a new list of new year resolutions that you and I know that we’ll never keep. Why not identify one of those bad work habits below and work towards getting rid of it? You’ll improve your work life and be a better coworker to your colleagues.

If you know someone in your workplace that has these irritating habits, send this article to them as a hint!


#1 Finding Excuses

“I don’t have time to do this.”

“It’s not my fault…”

“Maybe Peter will be better at helping you..”

“Really, the bus broke down for the third time this week..”

Are you full of excuses? Do you blame everything and everyone but yourself? Maybe it is time to try to get a firm hold of yourself and stop making excuses. Your colleagues may be tolerating you for the whole of 2018 and getting tired of hearing excuses after excuses.


#2 Procrastination

“Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll think about it.”

“Why don’t you check back with me in a month’s time?”

“Yes, I really love this idea but.. you know..”

You know yourself best. Are you that incapable or just procrastinating? Do you not have the resources or are you afraid to commit?

If you find yourself missing out on opportunities at your workplace, perhaps you did not jump at it in the first place and that chance has gone over to someone else who is eager to take on new tasks.

Procrastinate too often and people will just assume you are not interested in any kind of opportunity.


Wasting Time Away

“Wait.. let me check my inbox for the fifth time this morning.”

“Oh, a little chat wouldn’t hurt. I’ll come over your desk right now.”

“I have a few minutes to spare. Let me go through hundreds of Instagram to pick my new desktop wallpaper.”

I’ve talked about workplace time-wasters. If you’re still at it, a great time to change the way you work.

Time wasting tasks not only make you unproductive, but it can also drastically drag results in your work and cause you to put in extra hours to make up for it when in the first place, you can avoid doing so.


Avoiding Challenges

“I don’t think I am ready right now.”

“I’ve got too much on my plate. Maybe next time.”

“It’s too difficult. I don’t think I’ll be up for it. It’s better you get someone else.”

“Oh, I’m not trained for it. I won’t be able to contribute at all.”

If someone throws a challenge in your way, he or she believe in your capability. By shortchanging yourself, you’ll miss out a great opportunity (or many golden opportunities).

By saying no, it also means that you don’t trust the person who nominates you for the job. Instead of refusing outright, give yourself some credit and thank the person for the given chance.



“I don’t care if the customers don’t like something. It’s the company policy.”

“If the company loses profit, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I get my salary every month.”

“It’s not my problem. It’s my boss’s. That’s what he is paid for anyways.”

Having a nonchalant attitude is almost dangerous to any corporation. It just means that you won’t go the extra mile even when you see something is wrong with the processes in the company. It’s not true that you are just one little guy – the bottom feeder. Everyone can make changes. Being nonchalant also means you don’t care.

Working in a job you don’t care about says you probably have a passion somewhere else. Either you start caring enough to make an impact or go and get a job that you are passionate about.


Running Away From Responsibilities

“I’ll get to it later…. like never.”

“Maybe you should check this with my boss. I don’t think I should do this…”

“It is not within my job scope!”

Everyone has their roles to play in the workplace. Maybe the task handed down to you is not within your scope or your knowledge.

Instead of plainly pushing it away, find out how you can ask for help to complete this task. You can even learn something new. If the task is your responsibility, putting it aside will not make it disappear. Find the time to deal with the task head on.

The office will be a better place for everyone if we all shoulder on our responsibilities positively and try to help one another.



“I’ve heard that Mary is getting a divorce… horrible isn’t it?”

“Do you know that Sam from sales is going to…”

“Have you heard that Jane is doing this to get the promotion this year? I heard she slept with the boss!”

Sure, knowledge is power but certain knowledge will only harm your ears and the morale of the workplace. Being a gossip also means that you’ll probably be judgemental in the hearsay that you are spreading.

I’ll recommend that instead of participating in water cooler gossip that you think is harmless, squeeze in some work and making sure that you head home on time is a much better way.

If you need to bond with your colleagues, a nice lunch or dinner after work will be a better way to understand each other better than the guesswork you get from gossips.


Bad habits are meant to be broken. With a healthier environment, you’ll be happier and more productive in your workplace. Do you know any work habits that you wish you can quit? Come and share with us in the comments below.


New Year resolutions, make them, break them. If you like to read my past resolutions, here they are:

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  1. ptkmkl says:

    Good idea 

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  2. Patty says:

    A great read to start of the new year! Big hugs! XxX


  3. Now retired many years, I look back on my career that by many standards was quite successful, and STILL have deep regrets over a few of these well and accurately articulated caverns of self- inflicted guilt, that I occasionally {rarely BUT STILL THERE} , fell into.

    To Thy Own Self BE TRUE!

    Thanks and God Bless,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kally says:

      I agree with you that it is most important to be true to yourself. Have no regrets is one of my mottos. I listen to my heart and my head and learn to weigh the pros and cons before I make a move.

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  4. reneadu says:

    Really moved ,there is no excuse for failure as well. Wow.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kally says:

      Thanks for letting me know.


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